Mission and Philosophy - Core Values

Christ-Centered Wesleyan

Jesus Christ longs for everyone to come to Him in faith, grow in Him, and help others to do the same. We believe that each student deserves an opportunity to respond to this Good News. We also prepare students to confidently carry their faith into the world and impact culture. Our Christ-centeredness shapes our academic, co-curricula and chapel programs; it also influences how we allocate resources, shape policies, and hire and promote personnel. 

Integrated Learning

We deliver holistic education that builds character, expands perspectives, and develops global awareness. Students embrace learning that is personal, rigorous, and engages diverse cultures and ideas. Our world-class instructors guide them to think critically and creatively through a Christian lens in the classroom, outside of the classroom, in collaboration with others, and through hands-on experiences. Programming for students at all levels- from college-bound high school students to graduate students- cultivates an environment of continuous learning. 


We know from experience that markets, culture, and society benefit from integrated faith-based solutions. We commit to building on our over 125 year history of innovative problem solving by imagining education as it applies to evolving global issues and equipping students accordingly. 


Jesus is our model for character. We invite students to understand Christian character as a key to unlocking the unique gifts God gives them for influence and service. We encourage them to take responsibility for all aspects of their lives and strive to “do the right thing” even when nobody is looking.  


Healthy people create healthy institutions. We strive to cultivate a healthy workplace that thrives financially, spiritually, intellectually, relationally, and physically. We aim for healthy communication and provide avenues for personal, spiritual, and professional development. Data drives our programs, strategies, plans, and financial decisions. 


Christ calls us to a lifestyle of service, giving our time, talent, and resources to glorify Him and bring others to Him. We empower students to develop hearts for the kind of service that impacts the surrounding culture. We provide local, regional, national, and international opportunities for students to serve. Members of athletic teams, student government, classes and other groups often serve together. 


Strong communities create lasting bonds, multiply opportunities for future generations and leave spiritual legacies for subsequent generations. They result when people work together to build each other up. Strong community has sustained Greenville University through generations. It links the present with the past and future; it brings great value to today’s students.