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3 Year Degree - FAQ's

The 3 Year Degree program is a special opportunity for motivated students to complete their undergraduate degree in less time than the traditional four-year major. This option reduces costs for students who have a clear idea of their educational path beyond Greenville College and wish to enter graduate or professional school more quickly. Students in this program can take advantage of the same co-curricular and community experiences that four-year students enjoy.

Who Qualifies?

Students entering the program as incoming freshmen must have a high school GPA of at least 3.0/4.0. In order to continue in the program, a student must maintain a 2.0/4.0 GPA.

How much will I save?

You can save about 25% of the cost of the traditional four-year program, but the real value is in how much more you'll earn by entering graduate school or the workforce a year earlier.

When do I enter the program?

Students may enter the program their first or second semester at Greenville. Your decision to enter the 3 Year Degree program is not tied to your admission to the college.

Can a student switch to a four-year program after beginning a 3 Year Degree?

If the pacing of the more traditional four-year program becomes a better fit for the student, then a student may make that change at any time.

How do I earn 126 credits in three years?

Students in the three-year program enroll during the traditional fall and spring semesters. Additionally, students will enroll in classes during interterm and take online summer sessions.

Can I participate in the McAllaster Scholar Honors Program?

Yes, students choosing a 3 Year Degree may still participate as a McAllaster Scholar if they are accepted into the program.

Is this program right for me?

Focused and highly motivated stduents are ideal candidates for the 3 Year Degree program. Our admissions staff can help guide you in your decision regarding the three-year option. The staff works closely with the deans and academic departments to ensure a quality academic experience.

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