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Degree Plans

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Below are some of the courses offered for the Audio Engineering Major.

Courses Credits  
MUSG 100 Recital Class 0 Info

This course is designated as a requirement for all music majors to attend 12 concerts per semester, while music minors need to attend nine concerts per semester. Students must register for this course concurrently with any level of applied lessons; therefore, music majors are required to take this course every semester you are attending classes on campus. Applicable concerts and recitals will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

MUAP 101 Class Piano I 1 Info

Music majors and minors (except for students whose primary instrument is piano) will complete this first level of group instruction. Class includes fundamentals of notation and basic musicianship skills which include: repertoire, sight reading, transposition, harmonization, improvisation, and technique. Class meets twice weekly, and has a fee of $175.

MUAP 102 Class Piano II 1 Info

Elements of piano playing including touch, notation, rhythmic problems, major scales, and broken chords are covered. Instruction books, technical exercises, and studies of standard composers are given according to individual needs and the student's progress. Class meets twice weekly, and has a fee of $175.

MUTH 103 Written Theory I 3 Info

The study of scales, keys, intervals, triads, seventh chords, chord progressions, cadences, harmonization of melodies and basses, non-harmonic tones, simple modulations, instrumental transposition, and analysis of simple song forms. (Should be taken concurrently with MUTH 103E.)

DM 120 Introduction to Digital Media 3 Info

This course explores digital media as an experimental cultural practice, with an emphasis on critical approaches to art and technology. Experiments in digital imaging, digital audio, digital video, and multi-media authoring will be conducted. Students will produce independent digital media production projects, individually and in groups. Course meetings include seminar-style discussion of reading and other materials, critiques of student work, tech workshops, production studios (session in which we brainstorm, research ideas, and work on projects), and screenings.

MUSB 125 Survey of Music in the Media Industry 3 Info
No Description Available.
MUSG 150 Faith, Music, Culture 1 Info

This course will serve as a basis for creating a foundation in keeping a connection between a student's faith, how it can be used through the gift of music, and how to use those gifts to affect culture in a positive manner. Various types of music and their connection to culture as well as how today's culture affects students, music, and faith will be explored.

MUSG 176/376 Rock Music History 2 Info

Students are exposed to various contemporary popular styles of music through extensive listening and analysis. Important musical characteristics are identified to help the student define the exact nature of each style.

MUSB 200 Principles and Practices in Music Business 3 Info

This course allows students the opportunity to investigate and study the foundational functions of the current music industry. Throughout the semester, students will study how music companies are affected by current structure, cultural and environmental issues affecting the industry. Through interactive examination, experimentation, and real time assessment, students will be able to test various specializations of his/her choosing and participate in mastering industry standard skills and knowledge.

MUSG 226 Survey of Audio Engineering and Production 2 Info

This course provides a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of studio recording and sound reinforcement. Cross listed with COM/DM 126.

MUSG 227 Studio Production 2 Info

This course continues the study of theory and practice of studio recording, and includes Digidesign® Pro Tools 101 Certification. The course is "hands-on," offering substantial studio time for individual recording projects. Cross listed with DM 227.

MUSG 229/329 Sound Reinforcement 1 Info

This course is repeatable up to three times.

MUSG 235 Critical Listening I 1 Info

This course develops critical listening skills for a variety of both western and non-western musical styles. Music will be evaluated by objective and aesthetic criteria.

MUSG 260 Introduction to Music Technology 2 Info
No Description Available.
MUTH 305 Pop Theory/Song Writing I 2 Info

Students will establish a thorough understanding of the theory and structures of popular contemporary music. Written assignments will include arranging current popular tunes and writing original material to be performed by various on-campus ensembles.

MUTH 306 Pop Theory/Song Writing II 2 Info

A continuation in study of MUTH 305.

MUTH 312 Commericial Arranging and Producing 2 Info

This course provides a foundation and awareness of the processes of commercial arranging for live performances and producing music in a recording studio setting. Many of the popular styles will be explored.

MUSG 326 Audio Editing Techniques 2 Info

Course is a study of intermediate techniques in recording, mixing, mastering, and production, and a continuation of MUSG 227.

MUSG 327 Mixing Techniques 2 Info

Course continues the study of MUSG 326 culminating an opportunity to sit for the Digidesign® certification test. Students who pass the test will receive a Digidesign® certification certificate, and will be given a webpage on the ProTools main website.

MUSG 335 Critical Listening II 1 Info

This course will take students production skills to the next level by learning to recognize a deeper level of mixing techniques specifically in regards to mastering the final audio files.

MUSG 350 Faith, Music, Culture Senior Seminar 2 (WI) Info

This seminar is designed as a capstone course in the CCM degree and is the bookend course to MUSG 150 Faith, Music, Culture. The goal of the course is to work with empowering the students to go out into their world after they graduate and reaffirm their ability to make a positive difference through their interactions with their culture. How students can be a Christian witness to a post-modern world will be explored.

MUSG 360 Audio Post-Production 2 Info

This course will acquaint the student with the techniques and procedures for creating audio for film, video, radio and for the web. There will be specific projects in spotting effects, creating voice-overs, Foley effects, and music leads. This class will have many hands-on projects to implement new techniques.

MUSG 405 Practicum Variable Info
No Description Available.
MUSG 419 Senior Project 1 Info

Students complete a large recording project and research paper. This course is available only to CCM students in the Recording & Production track.

MUSG 426 Mastering 1 Info

Students study advanced techniques in recording, mixing, mastering, and production, and is a continuation of MUSG 327. This course is repeatable up to three times.

Career Opportunities

  • Live Sound Technician
  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Studio Engineer

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