Briner School of Business

A dynamic education.
An experience that defines.
A business degree that's Christ-centered.

The Briner School of Business develops world-changing students who confidently carry their faith, skills and knowledge into the marketplace.

Dynamic Education

The Briner School of Business is passionate about providing you with a valuable education. We equip and empower future business leaders with skills, knowledge and experience so culture feels the difference. Whether you plan to attend graduate school or go directly to the workforce, we prepare you every step of the way.

Defining Experience

Like business students everywhere, our students graduate with a depth of business knowledge. However, a Briner student's competitive edge is the amount of resume building experience they engaged in during their time with us.

The Briner School of business prioritizes applied and experiential learning.
Our experience-based curriculum, called Experience First, is designed
to expose students to the real world of business. Experience First courses develop a student's entrepreneurial spirit, provide connections to current business leaders and prepare them for their Experience First Capstone course. The capstone pairs students with business leaders to complete a current, high stakes project. Learn more about Experience First.

Christ-Centered Business Training

The Briner School of Business was named for Greenville University alumnus Bob Briner '56, acclaimed author and Emmy award-winning pioneer in sports broadcasting. Throughout his career he maintained the belief that Christians, specifically those in the business world, are called to be salt and light in every corner of culture. We echo this belief, and affirm the great need in today's marketplace for competent business leaders of high character.

We deliver a Christ-centered curriculum that challenges business students to become salt and light in the business world, whether they become a CEO or an entrepreneur.

The Briner School of Business at Greenville University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. For a list of accredited programs click here.