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Briner School of Business - Briner Advisory Board

Dennis Spencer – Virginia

  • Executive vice president of Lagardère Unlimited
  • Greenville University Board of  Trustees member
  • Organizes major events such as the Boston Marathon nationally and internationally 

Alfred “Al” Longtin – Northern Illinois

  • Managing director of advanced planning at Siskey Capital  
  • Board member/treasurer at SowHope 
  • Founder/CEO of Longtin Family Companies 

 Jerry Hood – Montana

  • Regional manager at Edward Jones
  • Chair of the Greenville University Board of Trustees

 Edward “Ed” McMillan – Southern Illinois

  • Board of directors member at Agrivida, Inc. 
  • Chair of board of trustees/overseer of Illinois-Ventures, LLC 
  • CEO & owner of Purina Mills from 1988-1996
  • Former board chair at the University of Illinois

 Brent Cowin – St. Louis

  • Founder of Joojoo, a social media company 
  • Principal of Tao Holdings 

 Robert “Bob” Fry – Northern California

  • Owner/founder of
  • Acclaimed non-profit investment author and attorney
  • Chairman of the National Christian Foundation of California

 Enoch Poon – Florida and China

  • President of Innovative International, LLC  
  • Co-owner of Creative Manufacturing, LLC  

 David Anderson – Chicago

  • Vice president of global development, AAR Corporation
  • Co-owner/founder of Millennial Strong 
  • Founding partner/board member of Student Loan 411

 Kevin Kauffman – Central Illinois

  • Founding partner/CEO of Kauffman Brands
  • Designer of high-end furniture products

 Michael Turley – Southern Illinois

  • CEO of Osborn-Barr Advertising company
  • Founder of Rolling Lawns, Inc. 
  • Extensive marketing background in agribusiness

 Dave Willey – Southern Illinois

  • Retired VP of Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Owner of the Globe Theater
  • Manager of the City of Greenville

 Holley Maher – St. Louis

  • Managing principal at One Digital Health and Benefits
  • Family business expansion experience

 Ron Turpin – Indiana

  • Principal, CFO and market president for Gibson, a regional risk management company
  • Head of financial operations at Lincoln Financial Group
  • Recognized for his results-oriented, team-focused leadership and willingness to solve the “unsolvable problem” while never losing sight of a “serve first” philosophy

 Dan Beck – New York

  • Experienced music and promotion industry executive
  • Marketing and media strategies for Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan, Pearl Jam, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Charlie Daniels Band, Tammy Wynette, Charlie Rich, Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent, Boston and more 
  • Founder and CEO of Big Honcho Media, LLC

 Bronwyn Martin – Pennsylvania

  • Industry recognized financial advisor
  • Founder of Martin’s Financial Consulting Group

 Tony Smarrella – Indiana

  • Executive roles at Adayana Agribusiness Group and Beck Ag
  • Developed business strategy and learning systems for John Deere, Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta, Case IH

 Brenda Smith – Texas

  • President/CEO of the BWF Project and the Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute
  • Officer of the Principal Financial Group 
  • Author and speaker