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Commercial Music Major



The Blackroom

The Blackroom is a fully equipped small venue atmosphere, available to all Commericial Music ensembles for rehearsal and performance. The Blackroom is equipped with a tri-amped EAW system with monitoring, FOH position and full lighting rig.

Lab Bands

3-6 lab bands are formed each year specializing in certain styles of music ranging from "middle-of-the-road" to "alternative rock." These bands play originals and/or covers with the chance to use the Black Room for practice twice a week. G.C. expects each group to perform at least twice each semester.

Additional Ensembles

There are a number of additional performing opportunities for Commercial Music majors. These include the Fusion Ensemble, Jazz Band Jazz/Pop Vocal Band, Guitar Ensemble, and Praise and Worship Arts Ensembles.


A spring music festival featuring top Christian performers and attracting thousands of people annually. As a completely student-coordinated, student-run, two-day event, there is plenty of opportunity for volunteer involvement.

Our Experiences

Keeping the Wild In Wilderness - The Nation Celebrates Zahniser

Keeping the Wild In Wilderness - The Nation Celebrates Zahniser's Work

September 3, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act, a landmark legislation authored and championed by legendary GC alum Howard Zahniser ('28).
Three Thousand Miles

Three Thousand Miles

Overcoming some frightening memories, Deeanna (Roberts '79) hops back on the road checking one of her biking routes off of her "bucket list".
Josh Cranston

Josh Cranston '12 on Sustainable Habits, Christian Ritual, and Creation Care

A prestigious Fulbright Scholarship offered Josh Cranston '12 the opportunity to spend the 2012-2013 academic year researching environmental sustainability at the University of Oslo in Norway.
Greenville College Senior Kara Strathman Receives Maxwell Award

Greenville College Senior Kara Strathman Receives Maxwell Award

Scholarship Honors Dr. Maxwell by Awarding Outstanding Pre-Med Students
Pumpkins for Peace

Pumpkins for Peace

When Travis Hall ’09 traveled to Uganda eight years ago to study abroad with GO ED, he didn’t expect to return at semester’s end with an honorary plot of land bearing his name and a close Ugandan friend.

Career Opportunities

  • Touring Musician