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As part of the larger mission of the college, the Language, Literature, and Culture Department helps student think critically, write articulately, read discerningly, and communicate empathetically across cultures. To meet these institutional objectives, the Department offers introductory courses in the study of writing, language, and literature. Students usually satisfy two general education English requirements by successful completion of a research writing course (ENG 101) and a multi-genre literature course in literary and cultural analysis (ENG 201, 243, or 246). Students pursuing a bachelor of arts degree may fulfill the foreign language requirement by completing elementary courses in French (FRN 101/102) or Spanish (SPN 101/102).

Majors & Minors

English Language Arts Education Major
The English language arts education major requires completion of 43 credits in English and communication plus 46 credits of professional studies in education. Students anticipating a secondary teaching career should consult with the English language arts education advisor and follow the specific requirements and sequences in the Guide to Teacher Education.
English Major
A full course of study in English enables students to interpret and synthesize complex information, communicate with competence and creativity, and employ versatile research and problem-solving skills. Thus, the English major has always served as a foundational liberal arts degree that offers exceptional pre-professional training for a wide variety of vocations. Graduates from Greenville’s English program have excelled in careers such as writing, editing, journalism, film and television production, civil service, teaching, library science, ministry, law, public relations, and business.

English Language & Literature Track Emphasis: English Major
Students will gain an understanding of the various critical approaches to literary texts and authors. You will explore and be engaged in the relationship between literature and the Christian faith.

Journalism & Creative Writing Track Emphasis: English Major
Journalism and Creative Writing students participate in a sequence of journalism and creative writing courses that will finish with an internship experience in writing. Your internship should give you practical experience in the marketplace and should help you explore careers in writing, editing and the media.

Spanish Education Major
The Spanish education major leads to a bachelor of science degree, and requires 30 credits of Spanish specialization courses including one semester abroad and 46 hours of professional studies in education.
Spanish Major
Seeking to encourage understanding and appreciation of other peoples and cultures, the Spanish Department makes available elementary and intermediate courses designed to give students skill in communication in the foreign language. Advanced courses improve language ability as well as offer an appreciation of literary masterpieces and cultural backgrounds.
English Minor
An English minor will help you to interpret and synthesize complex information, communicate with competence and creativity, and employ versatile research and problem-solving skills. For a minor you will be required to take 18 credits beyond ENG 101, 8 of which should to be upper division credits.
Spanish Minor
The Language, Literature and Culture Department welcomes students who are interested in learning about the impulses, dreams, and lives of famous authors and individuals who have shared these experiences through their literature, their language, and their values and belief systems. To get a minor in Spanish you will take elementary and intermediate courses that are designed to teach you skills in communicating in a foreign language. For a minor you will be required to take 16 credit hours above the 100 level courses. You will also need 8 upper division credits.
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Minor
You will be required to take the five TESL courses plus a literature course to earn a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. This is open to students in any major at the college.

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