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Greenville University was given the highest rating by the Illinois State Board of Education. Our students gain valuable classroom experience early in their major.

Greenville University has served the needs of new teachers since 1929. This legacy continues today as we prepare teacher candidates to meet the demands of teaching as we enter the 21st century. In keeping with the institutional mission, the program theme notes that Greenville University is “preparing teachers to serve in a culturally diverse world.” The theme both informs and guides the structure and delivery of program opportunities. It is manifested in our goal to help future teachers to reflect critically on the process of teaching, their relationships to students, and the role of education in a pluralistic society.

The program of teacher education includes a planned sequence of courses in professional preparation for teaching. The coursework includes field and clinical assignments within public or accredited private schools to provide candidates with a balance of theoretical and practical experiences. Students interested in Teacher Education should enroll in EDU 101: Introduction to Educational Practice no later than the Interterm of the freshman year.

Students wanting to major in education must be admitted to the teacher education program. An application should be submitted upon successful completion of EDU 101. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required for admission, and all applicants must have a criminal background check returned with no incidences to be admitted into the education program. Students must also be admitted into the professional internship which includes student teaching. Application should be made during the fall semester of the junior year. Criteria for admission includes written recommendations from the major department and the Education Department, and a grade point average of 2.75 in each of the following: all college coursework, professional education coursework, and coursework in the major area of concentration. Download our GPA calculator here.

Candidates admitted to the professional internship (student teaching) must complete EDU 400 Early Experience and the appropriate clinical methods course prior to student teaching. Student teachers are placed with qualified cooperating teachers and follow the schedule of the designated school district for the duration of the experience. At least three weeks of full teaching responsibility are assigned for each student teacher. College consultants serve as liaisons for the College and supervisors of the experience.

The education program is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education, which participates in an interstate certification agreement with 37 other states and the District of Columbia. Institutional memberships include the American and Illinois Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, the Illinois Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in Private Colleges, the American and Illinois Association for School, College and University Staffing, and the Association of Christian Schools International. The traditional undergraduate, UTEP and Master of Arts in Education programs are also accredited nationally by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

Teacher candidates may complete requirements for any of the twelve certifiable areas offered by Greenville University. Requirements for all teaching majors are detailed in the Traditional Undergraduate Guide to Teacher Education, which is available in the Teacher Education Office. The following pages list requirements for early childhood education, elementary education, the professional studies component of secondary education majors, and special education. Secondary education specializations in specific areas such as biology or music are described within their respective departments.

Majors & Minors

Curriculum and Instruction, MA Online
Provides you with the tools needed to utilize the most effective methods of curriculum and instruction in both the educational and the corporate context.
Reading, MA
A Reading Specialist certification may be awarded upon successful completion of degree requirements, state test, and verification of two years of teaching experience. Attend class one night a week. This certification will allow the holder to become a director of Reading in K-12 Illinois public schools.
Special Education, MA Online
Renew and strengthen your understanding of special education. Choose from four capstone course options to complete your master's degree: reflective study, practicum, thesis or comprehensive overview.
Teaching English as a Second Language, MA Online
A 31 credit-hour online program that combines the ESL endorsement with additional coursework for a comprehensive masters program.
Biology Education Major
The biology education major requires 51 hours of science courses plus 46 credits of professional studies in education. The biology education major leads to a bachelor of science degree.
Chemistry Education Major
The chemistry education major requires 47 hours of chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics combined plus 46 hours of professional studies in education. The chemistry education major leads to a bachelor of science degree.
Elementary Education Major
The elementary education major is a program designed to prepare individuals to teach first through sixth, and requires students to complete 87 credits. Students completing this major are eligible for the bachelor of science degree.
English Language Arts Education Major
The English language arts education major requires completion of 43 credits in English and communication plus 46 credits of professional studies in education. Students anticipating a secondary teaching career should consult with the English language arts education advisor and follow the specific requirements and sequences in the Guide to Teacher Education.
History Education Major
History is the foundation of every discipline and without history all other disciplines would struggle with a sense of identity and direction. The history education major requires students to complete 42 credits in history (beyond HST 101) and related social studies subject areas, and 46 credits of professional studies in education. This major leads to a bachelor of science degree.
Mathematics Education Major
The mathematics education major leads to a bachelor of science degree and requires B.S. Mathematics Education.
Music Education Major
The music education major requires 57 credits in music and 43 hours of professional studies in education. The successful graduate from this program can become certified to teach and supervise music in the public schools from kindergarten through the twelfth grade in both instrumental and vocal music. This major leads to the bachelor of music education (B.M.E.) degree.
Physical Education Major
The Physical Education major has different requirements depending on the type of certification a student is seeking. Students wishing to earn a K-12 certificate must take 42 credits of Physical Education and 42 credits of Professional Studies in Education, and students wishing to earn a 6-12 teaching certificate must complete 40 credits of Physical Education and 43 credits of Professional Studies in Education. The Physical Education Major leads to a bachelor of science degree.
Physics Education Major
The Physics Education major requirements include 33 credits in physics, 26 credits in chemistry, computer science, and mathematics, and 46 hours of professional studies in education.
Spanish Education Major
The Spanish education major leads to a bachelor of science degree, and requires 30 credits of Spanish specialization courses including one semester abroad and 46 hours of professional studies in education.
Special Education Major
The special education major is a course of study leading to LBS 1 certification. The program requires the completion of 88 hours, and leads to a bachelor of science degree.
Undergraduate Teacher Education Partnerships
Greenville partners with community colleges and universities that do not offer 4-year teacher education programs to provide the courses necessary to earn a bachelor's degree and an Illinois teacher certification.

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