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Tom Campion

Tom Campion

Organizational Leadership Instructor

Year Started at GC: 1
Phone: 888.818.4625

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I began my professional career in the late 90s providing clinical therapy and working as an Assistant Director of Education for Atlanta's largest Sylvan Learning Center.  Sylvan was a great opportunity to assist students in identifying, implementing, and reaching educational success.  Moving to Central Illinois in 2000 began my work with Campion, Barrow, and Associates (CBA).  I maintained my clinical work but began to move toward the organizational side of psychology.   This move brought me into my father's company, where he has been practicing as a clinical psychologist, in Central Illinois, for almost 40 years.  Today, the CBA staff is involved in psychological screening for public safety personnel, employee assistance programs for cities and industries, assisting in hiring and supporting faith based organizations and churches, developing psychological assessments, developing web based assessments, teaching, training, and organizational consultation.  I feel very blessed and honored with the level of influence God has given me.  My daily prayer is for God to provide me with the wisdom and awareness of how and what He is doing so that I can partner with Him in assisting others.

About Tom Campion

Working with adult learners has been an extremely rewarding opportunity.  Individuals in the Organizational Leadership program bring energy, motivation, and experience to the classroom.  This enables in-depth conversations and insightful perspectives to the class and material.  This dynamic creates an atmosphere that draws me in and makes the teaching experience that much more exciting.  I have found adult learners more willing to challenge and attempt to make sense of the material, thereby keeping me sharp and motivated to assist.  Adult learners truly understand the value of education and they desire to find ways to use the education to better their profession, lives, and themselves.  The opportunity to see them attain success and complete this life goal of receiving a college degree is truly priceless.

My wife and I have been foster parents since 2005.  We have adopted one child who has been with us since birth.  We have four biological children, as well.  We currently have another child in our care who will make child number six if he is unable to be reunited with his birth parents.  My hobbies include family vacations, camping, fishing, hiking, video games, and outdoor sports, all of which incorporates the children.  It is not uncommon to have 10 to 15 children in our yard, from the neighborhood, which can be overwhelming at times, but it has been a great opportunity to have neighborhood games of baseball and football.  My wife and I are involved in our church and have been leading a small group for the past 3 years.  We do get a chance to get away but probably need to do that more.  My moments of solitude truly begin in October with the start of deer hunting session.  A lot of deep contemplation and peace comes from sitting in that stand.

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