MacMurray College Agreement


Welcome MacMurray College Students

MacMurray College students, you are welcome here at Greenville University. We know this must be hard for you, especially as you consider your future, and we are here to help.

Greenville University is prepared to help you finish what you started. We’ll do everything we can to make transferring to GU and finishing your degree as smooth and as easy as possible. Get answers and get help by contacting Rachel Rabe at [email protected]; 618-664-7103. International students, please contact Gret Tindall at [email protected]; 618-664-6534

We are offering a webinar to all interested MacMurray students on Wednesday, April 1st at 3 pm. Sign up here

Greenville University offers the following next steps for you:

  • GU will work with all MacMurray students to assure that a maximum number of credits be transferred according to accreditation and institutional policies. Because earned credits are substantially similar, GU will waive its residence requirements (a requirement that a certain number of credit hours must be earned here to earn a degree from here) for MacMurray College students transferring with 75 or more credit hours toward graduation.
  • GU will provide priority scholarship awarding with annual renewal to all MacMurray Students. Access your FAFSA and provide our school code of 001684 to get us added. Make sure you re-sign and re-submit.
  • GU will provide expedited admissions decisions to all MacMurray Students and waive any and all enrollment fees! Apply Today
  • GU has articulations for the following MacMurray programs:

Business Management
Criminal Justice
Educational Studies
Elementary Education
History and Political Science
Psychology, BA
Psychology, BS
Social Work (BSW)
Special Education
Sport Management

If you are an athlete and would like to play for GU, contact Hayle Gibson at [email protected]; 618-664-7123

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