Academics - Majors & Minors by Department

With a variety of majors and concentrations, and faculty members who are at the cutting edge of their fields, you’ll receive the knowledge, skills, and preparation you need to become a graduate employers want to hire.

Our broad liberal arts curriculum will give you the wisdom, and savvy to tackle real-world matters in Christ-like ways. That’s what our general education core is all about. It liberates you by opening your mind and giving you training in the fine arts, humanities, religion, sciences, mathematics, and social sciences.

Majors & Minors

Bastian School of Theology, Philosophy, and Ministry

Theological Studies, BA

Ministry Minor
Philosophy Minor
Theological Studies Minor

Biology & Chemistry

Biology, BA
Chemistry, BA Environmental Biology, BA


Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Management
Accounting, BS
Agribusiness, BS
Business Management, BS
Marketing, BS

Business Minor


Communication Minor
Public Relations Minor

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice, BS

Forensics Minor

CVCMS - The Center for Visual Culture and Media Studies

Art Minor

Digital Media

Digital Media, BS

Computer & Information Systems Minor
Digital Media Minor


Early Childhood Education, BS
Elementary Education, BS
Middle Grades Education, BS
Physical Education, BS
Spanish Education, BS
Special Education, BS
Undergraduate Teacher Education Partnerships, BS

Engineering & Physics

Engineering, BS
Physics, BA
Physics Minor

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