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Jordan Hohm

Jordan Hohm won Teacher of the Year in his district after only three years of educating. Jordan has also been recognized for his unique teaching strategies, like setting a stage in the center of his classroom from which students teach each other. Jordan wrote to Greenville discussing the transition he and his wife had to make from college, to teaching, to moving to teach in an entirely unfamiliar state and system. To hear about his journey, click here.


Alyssa Gandy

Alyssa won Teacher of the Year for her elementary school. If you’re interested in her story, learn more about what motivates her.


Kristi Erickson

Kristi was recently honored Teacher of the Year in her district. This Greenville Alumna was also a former Excellence in Education awardee when she attended the university. Check out some of the interesting things Kristi is doing with her classroom.


The Greenville University community produces some pretty amazing stories of transformation, character, and service. Learn more »