Earn a GU Degree - Overview

Foundational Skills - For Life

We teach the transferable skills such as writing, communication, teamwork, learning how to learn, critical thinking, and problem solving. These skills make our graduates extremely adaptable and effective in whatever they do.

Focus on Student Success

Our campus-wide focus on student success is backed up by approachable faculty,  strong academic advising, student services for leadership training, career development, and academic success. Additionally, students have access to   professional technology like research equipment, recording studios, and design software.

Environment Does Matter

Greenville provides a safe, small-town setting for individuals to learn and grow. To ensure our students feel safe and comfortable on campus, we utilize electronic access systems for all buildings on campus,  monitored video surveillance systems, and students and safety escorts patrol the campus.

Average Time to Completion: Private vs. Public

Research shows students who attend private colleges such as Greenville often reach their educational goals and enter the workforce with a completed degree in four years, while it often takes students at state institutions five or six years to finish a degree.

International Affairs Staff

The Office of International Affairs is staffed with professionals who have many years of experience helping international students achieve their academic goals. Our staff is multilingual, speaking Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and German.