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Organizational Leadership, B.S. - Costs



The Organizational Leadership program consists of 38 credit hours over three terms at $420 per credit hour. Tuition is separated into three continuous terms:

  • Term 1: $5,040 (12 credit hours)
  • Term 2: $5,040 (12 credit hours)
  • Term 3: $5,880 (14 credit hours)

Graduation Application Fee: $125

Total Program Cost: $16,085


Organizational Leadership students are given the freedom to choose where and how they get their textbooks. The college will provide a list of textbooks needed for your courses and a list of online retailers where you can choose to rent or buy textbooks in your preferred format (hard copy or digital). Textbook expenses vary from student to student but typically range from $1,000 to $1,500 for the entire program.

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Prior Learning Assessment

Our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) options help students determine if they can receive additional credit for previous experiences, training and knowledge. Students can earn up to 22 credits through the PLA process. Upon PLA approval, credits may be purchased at a cost of $35 per credit.

For students who choose to submit a learning experience essay for consideration of accruing credit, there is an additional $100 fee to have the essay reviewed for evaluation of applicable credits. 

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