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Undergraduate Teacher Education Partnership Overview


What is UTEP?

The Undergraduate Teacher Education Partnership (UTEP) program is a unique opportunity for students who want to become licensed to teach in Illinois by completing their bachelor’s degree from Greenville College in elementary education.

Students begin the process while working on their associate’s degree and then continue by transferring to Greenville College. Greenville College brings the courses to local college and community college campuses. Greenville College faculty will then guide them through the steps to complete their coursework, required field experiences and student teaching.

Where is UTEP offered?

Currently UTEP is offered at Kaskaskia College (Centralia, IL), Lewis and Clark Community College (Godfrey, IL), Lincoln Christian University (Lincoln, IL), and Southwestern Illinois College (Belleville, IL).  In the future more sites may become available.

How long is the program?

Elementary education typically takes two years including student teaching.

When do classes meet?

Classes in the UTEP program follow a hybrid format. Students meet every other week in a face-to-face classroom Monday through Thursday evenings. Throughout the semester students also have weekly online learning responsibilities.

The hybrid classroom format, also known as the flipped classroom design, allows hands-on learning to take place in the classroom. Students are able to participate in activities that require problem-solving and necessitates the most support from the instructor. Tasks that require less instructor support, like lectures, readings, and discussions are completed in an online environment to prepare students for the activities in face-to-face sessions.

When can I start?

Students can begin the program in either the fall semester or the spring semester. Classes do not begin over the summer.

What is the elementary license?

An elementary education license allows you to teach grades Kindergarten through 9th grade. Most elementary education teachers won’t find a middle school with 9th grade so typically the highest grade level taught is 8th grade.

There are upcoming changes to the elementary license expected to take effect in the next academic year that will change the license from a Kindergarten through 9th grade licensure to a 1st grade through 6th grade licensure.

Beginning in Fall 2014, the UTEP program will offer an optional special education endorsement that requires 3 additional classes students take during each of their semesters before student teaching.

Who do I contact for more information or to schedule an appointment?

Please call the Admissions Coordinator for Education Programs at 618-664-6757.