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Combination of Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree (3+1) Program

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Xiamen University

Introduction to the Program

Greenville University (GU) and Overseas Education College of Xiamen University (XMUOEC) co-organize the U.S.-China cooperative 3+1 bachelor degree and master degree program. All the teaching activities will be conducted in the Greenville University.

Students in the 3+1 program will study undergraduate courses at the Greenville University for 3 years. Meanwhile, the Greenville University-admitted students will study for online undergraduate courses with XMUOEC. Greenville University (U.S.) recognizes 77 online course credits. After students finish their remaining courses at GU, get passing scores, and pass thesis defense, they will get the bachelor degree from GU. The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (Ministry of Education) can certify the bachelor degree issued by GU. After graduation, students can study in the 1-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at GU and get the master degree.

Introduction to Greenville University

Greenville University, founded in 1892, is located at Greenville, Illinois, 45 miles away from St. Louis. The college is at the boundary between Illinois and Missouri. It is a famous private university in the Midwest, which offers a large number of subjects.

      GU commits to provide a safe and diverse environment for international students. The college holds many student activities: a variety of student organizations, student success programs, sports teams, music groups, etc. These activities help international students to explore their interests and develop themselves. In addition, the college has small class size, which can ensure that professors pay sufficient attention to every student. Approximately 75% faculties have a doctorate degree or the highest degree in their field. Most of them are still active at the front edge of academia: they participate in conferences, research, and writing books. Students at GU come from many different countries. The multi-cultural atmosphere gives students more opportunities to learn from each other. The college has strived to provide the best higher education to students and pay attention to moral education. During the past years, Greenville University has been one of the most satisfactory and favorite institutions.

       The Chinese Ministry of Education recognizes GU []. Graduates from GU can obtain Foreign Education Certification from Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (Ministry of Education).

Features and Advantages

  • Rated as one of the safest colleges in Illinois in 2016 by
  • Ranked by the American Christian Institutions of Higher Education as Top 10 Graduates Achieve Higher Degree University
  • Qualified math and science faculty; all the full-time math and science faculty have doctorate degrees.
  • First in the U.S. to implement a campus-wide wireless network; Students can access the internet from anywhere on campus.
  • Students run a record company entitled Blackroom Records.  There is also a student-managed radio station, WGRN 89.5 FM.
  • More than 50 student organizations
  • Professors teach all courses, not graduate teaching assistants.
  • Small class sizes; student faculty ration is 15:1
  • Unique care and counseling program: freshman are paired with an experienced American student.  This helps Chinese students become accustomed to U.S. culture and life as soon as possible.
  • 24-hour recreation center
  • On-campus work opportunities

The Teaching Plan

The program uses the "3 + 1" cooperative education mode: GU carries out all teaching activities. The undergraduate study is 3 years long, while the master study is 1 year. GU and Xiamen University mutually recognize each other’s course credits. The Greenville University recognizes up to 77 online credits with XMUOEC.

Totals 120 undergraduate credits: students should earn minimum of 43 GC credits and at least 77 online credits with XMUOEC.

Majors of the Program
Accounting, Marketing and Business Administration

Prospective Students
High school graduates or equivalent; excellent English scores; physical and mental health.

Issuance of Certifications
Students in the program should obtain exact course credits specified in the undergraduate program plan and meet graduation requirements:

  • Greenville University will grant the bachelor's degree (students can get Foreign Education Certification from Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange-Ministry of Education)
  • Greenville University will grant the master's degree (students can get Foreign Education Certification from Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange-Ministry of Education

Registration Timeline

2017 Fall Admission: June 30, 2017

2018 Spring Admission: November 15, 2017

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Courses 2017-2018

2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020


$25,000 $25,000 $25,000
Housing $4,277 $4,405 $4,538
Meal Plan $4,561 $4,698 $4,839
Fees $239 $246 $254
Health Insurance $1,301 $1,366 $1,407
Total $35,378 $35,715 $36,038

MBA Courses 2020-2021

Tuition, Room, Board and Fees

Health Insurance $1,407
Total $32,357

Required Documents for Registration in the Undergraduate Program

Download the Xiamen University/Greenville University Application Here

  • Send sealed, official proper documents from your high school/secondary school as well as proper documents for ALL college or post-secondary classes. – NOTE: We will accept “unofficial” transcripts (PDF copies or scans) as we wait for the official transcripts to arrive
  • Send official records of ONE of the following tests: TOEFL, IELTS, ACT or SAT, or ELS 109 at an approved language center. (This is not required for University Pathways students)
  • Submit the completed Declaration of Financial Support along with supporting bank statements and sponsor’s information.  (This will be provided once we receive your application.)

Required Documents for Registration in the MBA Program

Students will be considered for admission upon receipt of ALL of information listed below. Upon receipt, information is accessed for approval within 3 business days.  To expedite our response time, please ensure all copies are legible.

  • Copy of Passport (Page w/photo and Page with address)
  • TOEFL Score of 89 or IELTS Score of 6.5
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (English)
  • Copy of official bachelor degree from an accredited university
  • Copy of bachelor transcripts showing classes and marks for each term attended
  • Letter of Financial Responsibility

Since you have secured some undergraduate credits, send them to for review. For students, go to:


Amber Henrichsmeyer,
International Admissions Specialist
Office (618)664-6845

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Greenville/Xiamen Collaborative Education Application

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