Uniquely Made GU


Sidney Webster found a new home at GU as a basketball playerEnglish education major, and student body president. Sidney grows her skills and interests by running social media and podcasting for GU, singing at a local church, and supporting other college students as a Resident Assistant. 

Sidney grew in her faith, developed life-long friendships, and feels prepared to take on what’s next as she prepares to become a high school guidance counselor.


Erick Garcia found his passions and purpose at GU as a track athleteengineering major, and photographer and videographer. As a first-generation college student, he’s worked hard to pursue his dream and that of his parents by earning a college degree. 

Erick’s GU experience gave him new perspectives and possibilities, and he’s excited to get started on his future whether it includes engineering, creating, or a mix of both!


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