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Meet The Counselors - Janice Chapman

Janice Chapman
Sr. Admissions Coordinator for Graduate Education Programs

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Hi, I'm Janice Chapman.

Contact me if you have questions about graduate courses in teacher education.

About me

I enjoy swimming, biking, and spending time with my family which includes two beautiful granddaughters. I am also taking piano lessons. I stink at it, but it's still fun.


B.S. in Elementary Education from Missouri Baptist University
ESL coursework from University of Northern Colorado
M.A. in Education-Teacher Leadership from Greenville College (in progress)

on my life:

My husband Tommy. He is a great spiritual man of God with a kind heart and a lot of patience. Now here is a shameless plug for my church... Tommy is also the Pastor of Smith Grove Baptist Church outside of Greenville. He's a great preacher and you can hear him at Smith Grove every Sunday.

Favorite Class
in College:

Children's Literature

Favorite place
on campus:

Scott Field. It is beautiful in every season. I love the spring when students start staying outside more.

Advice for
incoming students:

You are never too old or have been out of school too long to finish your bachelor's degree. Also, it won't get easier if you wait. Start now!

Catch phrase:

Dance like nobody's watching! I don't do it often enough, but it is a blast when I do. Everyone should try it!