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Meet The Counselors - Alyssa Arcaya

Alyssa Arcaya
Admissions Counselor

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Hi, I'm Alyssa Arcaya.

I work with high school students from across the country. Contact me if you have any questions about Greenville College.

About me

Deep conversations. Good coffee. Discussing theology.  Crocheting. Watching football and hockey games.  Reading.  Speaking Spanish. Listening to audiobooks. Cooking Paleo meals. Learning others people's Strengths. Watching Quite Interesting and Would I Lie To You? on the BBC. Sponsoring the GC Dance Team.



B.A. in Religion and Spanish, Greenville College

on my life:

One of the greatest influences on my life was the time I spent living in Central America.  My junior year of college I spent a semester studying in San Jose and Grecia, Costa Rica, rural (and I mean rural) Nicaragua, and on Tupile island in Panama with the Kuna Yala Indians.  My semester studying abroad was a time of tremendous growth, seeking God, and learning to love others.  Everything about that time, the lessons learned and relationships formed, continue to influence my outlook on life and daily decision-making.   


Favorite Class
in College:

My favorite class in college was Methods in Wesleyan Theology with Dr. Rick McPeak.  This class was by far one of the most challenging in my college career and the most rewarding.  Our weekly class was held at a local church and we always started class with prayer in the sanctuary.  After prayer we gathered in the lower level of the church and had dinner together.  It was after dinner that the tough, theological discussions began.  (I guess our professor knew those are easier to have when everyone is full!)


Favorite place
on campus:

James Wilson Recital Hall in Whitlock Music Center.  I love the stained-glass windows, church pews, and that it is where we gather as a community for worship and prayer.


Advice for
incoming students:

Take advantage of every learning opportunity-in and out of the classroom.

Catch phrase:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."  --Ralph Waldo Emerson