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Emily Miller
Admissions Counselor

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Hi, I'm Emily Miller.

I work with high school students from across the country. Contact me if you have any questions about Greenville College.

About me

Reading, art, coffee (that’s a hobby… right?), watching movies with my cat (Maow Mauz), and traveling.


B.A., English with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language, Greenville College (2014).

on my life:

My family, no question about it. My mother is an amazing example of faith, love, joy, and humility, and I am blessed to be able to learn from her. Growing up, my three brothers gave me daily lessons in being patient, how not to take myself so seriously, and what it means to really be there for someone, no matter what the cost.  

Favorite Class
in College:

Professor Ruth Huston’s Synoptic Gospels Class was one of the most challenging yet enjoyable classes of my entire college career. I’m not a religion major, but she was my COR 102 professor, and I knew that I wanted to take one of her classes to fulfill my religion credits. I wrote the longest and most satisfying papers in that class, but more importantly, it challenged me to remove my understanding of these biblical texts from their place in history and apply them to my current life and circumstances. I would highly recommend taking a class with Professor Huston if you have the chance!

Favorite place
on campus:

Jo’s Java – Where I pursue my coffee hobby.

Advice for
incoming students:

Become involved in campus as much as possible. Check out the Blackroom Café, go on a mission trip over spring break, and attend a fireside chat. The more involved you become, more you will learn about yourself, your faith, and the people around you. 

Catch phrase:

“Only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.” – Joe Vs. the Volcano