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Meet The Counselors - Kelsey Groves

Kelsey Groves
Senior Admissions Counselor

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Hi, I'm Kelsey Groves.

You should definitely think about taking a semester abroad. It's something that everyone should do!

About me

Game nights with family and friends (anyone really), going for walks, reading, crocheting (when it's cold), watching movies, and, apparently, sounding like I'm 70 years old.  


B.A. in Psychology/Religion from Greenville College

on my life:

My husband. He is the most hard-working, responsible, intelligent person I have ever met. He is literally my better half.  

Favorite Class
in College:

Pentateuch with Rush Huston was my favorite because it was my first Biblical studies class. I had never studied the Bible like before and it really opened my eyes to the narrative of scripture. Everyone needs to take a class from her.  

Favorite place
on campus:

Jo's Java. I'm not trying to give them a plug or anything. It's just my favorite!

Advice for
incoming students:

Start thinking now about taking a semester abroad. It's something everyone should do!

Catch phrase:

"It is what it is." It helps me to take things in stride and learn to live with things I can't control.