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Online Programs - Guest Students


Students from around the globe are encouraged to discover Greenville College through online learning. Accredited online courses can be easily transferred to most colleges and universities. Greenville offers a variety of options whether you need general education courses or you are interested in transferring and would like to sample our distinctive academic programs.

Find a course that's right for you.


Admission Requirements

Guest students must complete the Application for Non-Degree Seeking Admission, available online. If you are still in high school and would like to take an online course, you may do so through our High School Dual Enrollment program.

To register for online courses, students must submit:

  • Application for Non-Degree Seeking Admission
  • Final High School Transcript (with a graduation date listed)
  • NOTE: Some courses may have specific prerequisite requirements, and students may be required to submit documentation that those have been met prior to registration.

After you submit the above information, someone from the Admissions Office will contact you about registering for classes.


Guest students taking online courses are required to pay the part-time tuition rate of $422 per credit hour plus an online fee of $125 per credit hour.

The online course fee is waived for students studying during the summer.


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