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The Record Fall 2013


Latest RECORD Looks at Leadership and the Presidential Challenge

The typical college or university president in the U.S. serves as campus leader for seven years – that’s down 1.5 years from the terms reported in 2006. Some say the shorter tenure reflects a tough job defined by high expectations from a multitude of interests – students, faculty, trustees, federal agencies, state regulators, donors, and more. Observers of trends in higher education agree that the job is only getting tougher.

In Greenville College’s 120-year history, 11 persons have occupied the president’s office. With President Ivan Filby newly installed as the College’s 12th president, the latest issue of The RECORD takes a look at past and present leadership. Titled “A New Season for Faith and Vision,” the magazine introduces President Filby and his “presidential partner,” wife Kathie. It also includes reflections from past GC presidents on the challenges of leadership they faced while in office and God’s faithful provision to meet needs.

In honor of the Greenville College Student Association’s centennial year, this issue also shares reflections of previous student association presidents on lessons they learned at the helm of student government and the lasting impact those lessons made on their lives and careers.

Be sure to check out the full slate of events that comprise Homecoming weekend in its new, extended four-day format. These include several opportunities for alumni to meet President Ivan Filby and hear what is on his heart for our college community.

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