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Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Objectives

Athletics is in harmony with the mission, philosophy, of education, theological assumptions, and institutional goals and objectives of the College. In order to help fulfill that mission, the athletic department attempts to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Provide a program that has a strong spiritual emphasis. Student athletes will be encouraged to a commitment to spiritual growth and outreach as a part of their total educational experience.
  2. Provide a program that complements the academic program. Student athletes will be encouraged to strive for academic excellence.
  3. Provide the opportunity for students to develop new or further develop existing athletic skills.
  4. Provide opportunity to test team and other life skills and athletic skills in competition.
  5. Facilitate the recruitment and retention of students.
  6. Provide wholesome entertainment and recreation options for student-athletes, students, faculty/staff, and the community.
  7. Provide the opportunity for student-athletes to develop their skills as team mates, team leaders, and team builders. 

About GC Athletics

  • NCAA Division 3
  • UMAC
  • MCVL