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Book Rental Now Included in Tuition

Greenville College began renting textbooks starting fall 2011 to ensure all students have access to necessary course materials. Tuition now includes the book rental fee, eliminating the unknown book expenses most students encounter at the beginning of each term.

The rental program has lowered student textbook expenses by up to 50 percent based on recent cost estimates. Textbook rental is included for all Greenville College students, undergraduate and graduate, at its main campus and partnership locations as well as for online students.

Greenville College partners with Tree of Life Bookstores to provide bookstore services and manage the textbook rental process. The organization orders and delivers all rented textbooks, and it maintain s a physical bookstore on campus with apparel, gifts, and books available for purchase. A virtual store is also available for online orders.

The partnership with Tree of Life Bookstores provides a variety of benefits.

  • The bookstore will deliver textbooks personalized for each student's schedule prior to the start of the term.
  • Students have the ability to return or purchase books after using them.
  • If a student decides to keep a book, she will pay the used price less a credit for the rental cost, even if the book was new at the beginning of the semester.

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