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Thank you for contacting the Greenville University Facilities and Support Services Department. When submitting a work order request, it will be handled as promptly as possible, as outlined below.


If there is a fire, medical, or police emergency, dial 911 immediately. Maintenance emergencies must be addressed at once. These include situations that compromise immediate safety, security or health, or prove to be potentially dangerous or damaging to persons or property. In the event of an emergency during regular working hours please call 664-6736, after hours call our "on-call" maintenance personnel at 618-292-6161.

Priority 1 - Urgent

Priority 1 indicates that the situation is a serious inconvenience or a loss of comfort to the occupant and prompt attention is required. Examples of this priority are; loss of electrical power, loss of heating / cooling, lock malfunctions, alarm system malfunctions, leaking plumbing fixtures or broken pipes, or sewer backups. The maintenance department will respond immediately and every effort will be made to correct the situation at that time.

Priority 2 - Routine

Priority 2 involves routine maintenance, repair, or replacement of necessary items. Examples of this priority are minor loss of power affecting a single circuit, reduced heating / cooling, light bulb replacement, non urgent plumbing leaks, replacement of broken windows , These items will be investigated and addressed as soon as possible, normally within two days. Sometimes these requests may need to be completed at a later date because of higher priority needs or due to non availability of parts.

Priority 3 - Planned

Priority 3 items typically revolve around projects or non-urgent requests. Examples of this priority are set-ups for special events, minor construction requests, painting, equipment / office moving, and These items are assessed as soon as practical, generally within two weeks. The timeframe for completion of these projects will depend on availability of funding and manpower.

Key Requests

Access will be given only to areas where need is demonstrated. All requests for keys must be submitted by using the "Key Request Form" and include a justification for access into each area for which a key is requested. Such justification could include but is not limited to the following: work necessities; assigned office; assigned laboratory; areas of responsibility .

To obtain a key(s)

Residence room keys: Students should obtain individual room keys from their Residence Hall Director. Residence Hall sub-master and master keys are issued by Student Development.

Keys for academic and administrative facilities:

Complete the building key request form, located in the upper right hand corner of this page. Form submissions will send approval request to supervisor, where appropriate. Once approved by supervisor, a ticket will be created in the Campus Services tracking system in the requester's name.

-Normal processing time is 3 working days. You will receive a telephone call and/or e-mail notifying you that your key is ready. Keys may be picked up at the Facilities and Support Services office in the Kelsey Building between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

-Keys not picked up within ten (10) working days will be returned to storage and the request form will be voided.

-If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact Facilities at ext. 6736.

To return a key(s)

Students should return residence hall keys to their Residence Director or Student Development when checking out of campus.

Keys for academic and administrative buildings are to be returned to the Facilities and Support Services Department or HR on or before the date an employee or student ceases to be employed by the college.

All keys no longer needed or used should be returned immediately to the Facilities and Support Services Department.

Never send keys via campus mail. Keys that have been issued to an individual are that individual's responsibility. The campus key system is in place to not only protect Greenville College property, but also the safety of students and employees.

To replace a key(s)

  • Students should immediately notify their residence director or Student Development.
  • College employees should immediately notify the Facilities and Support Services Department.
  • $25.00 will be charged to replace each key that is lost/stolen.
  • Damaged keys will be replaced at no charge. Simply bring the damaged key to the Facilities and Support Services office during normal business hours and it can be traded for a replacement.

The cost to replace the physical key itself is minimal and does not begin to cover the value of the property that the key/core system protects. The value of a single key is worth the replacement costs of the contents in that particular room. A residence hall room key has even greater value given the safety issues involved .

Snow Removal Policy

The Greenville University Grounds Staff personally takes care of all on campus snow removal. For your safety and convenience, we have the following priorities in place. Please be patient with our crews as they are working diligently to clear your way.

The following snow removal plan shall be implemented whenever weather conditions exist that create hazardous conditions on walkways or paths of college properties.

The Director of Facilities and Support Services along with the Grounds Supervisor will monitor weather forecasts for anticipated accumulation of ice or snow and be prepared to respond at the appropriate time. Their judgment will be used to determine the most effective time to dispatch the snow removal crew. Snow removal crews will consist of both the Grounds Supervisor and 4-6 student workers. The Grounds Supervisor will arrange starting times and locations for student workers. In the event that additional labor is needed, maintenance personnel will be assigned to assist.

Initial efforts will be concentrated on the central corridor of main campus and progress outwardly to include the remainder of campus. Due to the nature of the facility and its hours of operation, attention will be given to the Sports Training Annex parking lot and walks.

Walks will be bladed with mechanical equipment where feasible. Steps, landings and smaller areas will be cleared with hand shovels or brooms. Ice control material will be spread on steps and landings where needed.

During freezing conditions all areas will be checked periodically throughout the day for accumulations of ice. Ice control material will be applied as necessary.

Snow removal efforts will be implemented in the following order:

1. Sports Training Annex parking lot and walks.

2. Claussen Plaza , Page Circle , and Spruce Street mall.

3. Snyder Hall parking lot and alley

4. Ganton Circle Drive and parking lot including Armington Center and Burritt/Dallas Hall entrances.

5. Marston/LaDue walks.

6. Library, Gym/Rec Center areas.

7. Snyder Hall walks.

8. Student Union, Joy, Janssen, and Bock Museum areas, including Joy House.

9. Black Room, Holtwick Hall, Mannoia, and Oak St. Residence areas.

10. Kaufmann and Archer Hall areas.

11. Maves Art Center.

12. Bass-Mollett House, Hoiles House, and Tower Apartments

13. Entire sidewalk along Elm Street from Marti House south to College Ave.

14. Kinney and Tenney Hall areas.

15. Outer residence houses.

16. Kelsey Building

Depending on the amount of snowfall, students may be asked to move their vehicles to cleared lots. This will enable Grounds to clear students' lots. When this arises, your cooperation is greatly appreciated. As a reminder, there is no overnight parking in front of the Union or in Ganton Circle.

Each building is supplied with Ice Melt. These will be located in buckets at all main entryways. Please do not hesitate to use this in case of icy entries or walks. This should be spread in the same manner as you would spread birdseed. Please do not allow it to clump, as it is not effective in this form.
We appreciate everyone's cooperation and patience in respect to Snow Removal. We realize the importance of our students and faculty/staff, in getting to their destinations.



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