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Mission Statement

By providing strong academic support services, Student Success strives to enrich the academic experience for all Greenville University students and assist them in reaching their full potential.

Purpose and Philosophy

Student Success is designed to offer academic support services and enrichment programming to all students on the Greenville University campus. Student Success services are based on the premise that all students benefit from some type of academic support and that those students who are successful in college are those who have learned to take charge of their own learning and utilize everything available to help them achieve their goals. Student Success is an integral part of the total academic picture on campus. Its purpose is to supplement the classroom experience and to lend support through the Tutoring Program and Student Academic Coaches. The goal is to be a resource to both students and faculty.

Student Success is…

  • A place for students to find help in specific classes
  • A place for students to develop and sharpen previously acquired skills
  • A place for students to find help in assessing their academic needs by means of either tutoring or working with a staff member
  • A place for students to discover how to work more efficiently
  • A place for students to interact with each other as they learn
  • A place to train students for leadership and service roles in the academic community in the areas of tutoring
  • A place for faculty to use as a resource in helping their students
  • A place to find encouragement for the academic tasks a student faces
  • A place for students to develop essential skills such as managing time, establishing priorities and finding resources

Student Success is NOT...

  • A remedial center designed only for students lacking in basic skills
  • A "band-aid" for academic problems

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Contact Information

Nicole Myers, Dean of Student Success & First Year Experience
618-664-6610 [email protected]

Located on the main floor of the Ruby E. Dare Library