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To increase the chances of college success, students must be able to set goals, develop strategies to achieve those goals, manage their time, maintain motivation, stay organized and know the resources on campus. This list already sounds like a lot to handle, and it's not even complete! Fortunately, Student Success offers academic coaching which is designed to assist students with these broader aspects of college and help students make the most of their college experience.

About the Academic Coaches

Academic Coaches

Academic coaches are upperclassmen at Greenville University oftentimes majoring in psychology or social work. Regardless of their major, however, academic coaches show exemplary skills in many areas of academic achievement and are eager to help other students improve their skills in the broader areas of academics. Some areas coaches can assist students with include:

  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Organization
  • Establishing priorities
  • Motivation
  • Academic progress
  • Academic strategies/study tips
  • Student life
  • And much more!

Academic coaches can also assist incoming students with the transition from high school (or from a previous college) to Greenville University. With the help of a coach, new students can more easily navigate campus and meet other students, thus enhancing their college experience. Additionally, coaches can serve as accountability mentors for students.

Students Eligible for Academic Coaching

All Greenville University students, whether online or traditional, on or off campus, are welcome to consult or meet with an academic coach at no extra charge! Students wanting assistance in any of the areas mentioned above are encouraged to work with a coach. Students wanting to simply ‘brush up’ on any of these skills or areas are encouraged to work with one as well.

Meet or Consult with an Academic Coach

Academic coaches are available to meet with students several hours throughout the week. To schedule a meeting with an academic coach, students should complete the Academic Coach Request Form. Students are also welcome to 'drop in' to meet with an academic coach during coaching hours. Coaching takes place in the Student Success area of the library unless otherwise indicated on the schedule.

Online students who cannot meet with an academic coach, but would like to consult with one, should also complete the Academic Coach Request Form.


What Can You Expect from Your Academic Coach?

Your academic coach will help you discover ways to be successful and help keep you on the right track academically. Every student is unique; therefore, one student will likely need different guidance than another student. Because of this, it is vital for you to communicate with your academic coach about the specific areas you would like to focus on in your meetings. Once you identify the areas of focus, your coach will be sure to address those in your meetings. And through it all, you can expect confidentiality.

During your meetings, your coach will listen carefully to your concerns. Your coach may ask questions during your time together to be sure he/she understands you correctly. Your academic coach may also give you suggestions about ways you can improve your areas of concern. Additionally, your coach may share his/her own experiences that may be similar to yours and explain to you how he/she successfully overcame the situation or dealt with the problem. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours-it is up to you to decide if you want to implement the changes or not.

What is Expected of You, the Student?

When working with an academic coach, students are expected to assume certain responsibilities. It is important to understand that academic coaches are not here to complete your work for you or to "fix" everything for you. Please read the list below that indicates other expectations of you.

  1. Once you are assigned an academic coach, the two of you will develop a schedule of meetings (usually weekly or bi-weekly). You are expected to consistently keep these appointments and to arrive on time. If you absolutely must miss a coaching session, it is your responsibility to notify your coach via email at least 12 hours in advance.
  2. Your coach will contact you via email, sending you reminders of your meetings and other important information. It is essential for you to check your Greenville Univesity email regularly and reply to emails as soon as possible.
  3. It is expected you will take academic coaching seriously. It is your responsibility to put maximum effort into improving your areas of concern and to understand your coach is only there to help guide you, not to do your work for you.
  4. If you do not find the services of your assigned coach helpful, please email or call 618.664.6616. Our goal is for this service to be as beneficial to you as possible.

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