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The Professional Assistance for Student Success (PASS) Program is designed to help students achieve success in college. Greenville University realizes that some individuals do not develop their full potential in high school, but still have the ability to successfully do so in college. Because of this need, the PASS Program provides a means for students to succeed in college by offering a supervised and supportive program to develop and promote the skills necessary for success.

Who is placed in PASS?

Students not meeting all of the following admission standards for Greenville University will be considered for the PASS Program:

  • Upper half of your high school graduating class
  • A 2.25 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • An ACT composite score of 18 or an SAT composite of 860

Not meeting these criteria indicate that you may have difficulty with some courses at Greenville University and that you could benefit from the specialized support that you will find in the PASS Program. Admittance to Greenville University will be contingent upon agreement to be part of the PASS Program if you are recommended for it.  Each year, the Admissions Committee accepts a limited number of students into the PASS Program.

How does PASS work?

During the first week of the semester, PASS students will be assigned to a student academic coach. This coach will serve as a resource person for the student in developing strategies for success. During the semester each PASS student must meet with an academic coach every week. In the session with the academic coach, focused time will be spent on motivation, time management, success strategies, personal accountability, study skills and connecting the student with additional resources available on campus. Additionally, the student must meet weekly with peer tutors and every other week with an individual from Student Success.

How can PASS help?

PASS can build confidence in the student's ability to succeed in an academic environment. It can help the student make a smooth transition from high school to college, teach good study habits and provide the student with emotional and academic support. Students who actively participate in the program often attribute their success to the consistent support that helped them learn to study and keep grades up.

How will the student's progress be evaluated?

Your progress in each class will be assessed at the end of the second, fifth and ninth weeks of the semester. If the student is not attending tutoring, the academic coach sessions or classes, or, if the student's grades are below a C, the student will have a mandatory meeting with the PASS Program supervisor to discuss the problems and jointly seek solutions. Failure to meet the new expectations as well as the PASS Program requirements may result in a review of the student's participation in school.

During the semester, professors submit low-grade reports for students to help with the evaluation process. This information will be shared with the student in a personal conference.

At the end of the semester, the student's progress will be reassessed to determine whether the student should continue in PASS. Students admitted in the PASS Program may be placed on academic probation or dismissed if their first semester GPA falls below 1.75/4.0

Will everyone know if the student is in a "special program"?

Only if the student tells them! PASS is designed to help the student become successful in college. Students in the program take regular classes. There is no stigma - just a lot of support and help. Greenville University only admits students who are capable of meeting its academic expectations. PASS offers students the tools, time and support, that along with hard work will help them in meeting expectations.

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