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Panther Preferred

Following our mission of character and service, we offer our character-based scholarship, Panther Preferred. We know that an academic record isn’t the only factor in identifying future success at the university level. Panther Preferred is a college scholarship without a GPA or test requirement, made for students who strive to succeed no matter what.  


up to $19,500

You can view the Panther Preferred and other scholarships here. As a Panther Scholar, you will receive a substantial scholarship and other benefits. 

Who are Panther Scholars?

Panther preferred is a scholarship for service-oriented individuals with high character. Panther Scholars…

  • Demonstrate passion and perseverance toward accomplishing a long-term goal. 
  • Are diligent and show academic determination.
  • Value others and seek to serve those around them, always going the extra mile.
  • Aim to change the world and believe that even small things can make a huge difference. 

How to Apply

Follow these steps to apply for the Panther Preferred Scholarship:

1. Complete our initial application.

2. After acceptance, an admissions counselor will invite you to fill out our Panther Preferred application.

Panther Preferred is an easy scholarship to apply for, and recipients receive one of the highest scholarships GU offers.


Freshmen, transfer, and degree completion students are all eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years. There is no GPA requirement and no test score requirement. Freshmen and transfer Panther Scholars are required to live on campus.

For more information, complete the form on this page. 

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