Featured Scholarships - Women in Leadership Scholarship

Women in Leadership Scholarship

Greenville University has a rich heritage of empowering women for leadership. Sponsored by President Suzanne Davis, the Women in Leadership Scholarship is for those incoming female students (traditional freshman or transfer) who have:

  • had experience in leadership in their schools, communities, and churches
  • desire to further their leadership development and experience at Greenville University

Greenville University will support the recipients with character-building and service-leadership programming, and awardees will meet on a regular basis for mentorship from female leaders on campus like President Suzanne Davis.


$19,500 renewable annually 

How to Apply 

Follow these steps to apply for the Women in Leadership Scholarship:

1. Complete our initial application.

2. After acceptance, an admissions counselor will invite you to fill out our Women in Leadership application.


Female freshmen and transfer students. Requirements: must maintain residency on campus. Renewable annually.

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