Giving Societies - Joining The Almira Circle

A grass-root effort of women who make a difference and empower women at Greenville University. 

President Davis invites you to join the Circle and surround young women, leaders-in-the-making at GU, with resources, energy, and enthusiasm that helps them grow in faith, character, and service. 

How to Join

Select your membership level:

  • Almira Champions - Commit to a $500 gift each year for four consecutive years
  • Almira Friends - Make a $500 gift annually 

Why Now? 

  • Women play unprecedented roles influencing businesses, non-profits, government, healthcare, education, philanthropy,
    and more.
  • Communities need ethical, visionary, principled women leaders with GU's hallmark emphasis on faith, character, and service.
  • Greenville University is uniquely positioned to prepare women for faith-driven leadership.
  • This is the perfect opportunity for women with varying financial capabilities to unite and make a difference.

You get to decide your level of engagement.

Engage in Person

Members of the Almira Circle meet three times a year in person or virtually to identify scholarship and programming needs, consider opportunities, and decide where to channel resources.


Cast your vote for projects the Circle supports; no meeting required.

Mentor students

Opportunities are available for those who are interested.