Donor Endowment and Scholarship Funds - Recipient Highlight

Deb Cunningham ’20
Deb Cunningham ’20 | Charles and M. R. Shapiro Endowed Chair in Jewish Christian Studies

“Trying to afford school on your own is hard . . . I’ve received so much help from donors. I am blessed.” 

Moriah Summers ’23
Moriah Summers ’23 | GU Fund for the Choir

“Thank you for all that you do to help students like me be able to come to GU and better themselves, both spiritually and educationally.”

Christina Hardin '21
Christina Hardin '21 | GU Fund for the Choir

“Thank you for being Christ-like. Jesus himself gave and instructed us to do the same . . . thank you for making higher education a possibility for me.”

Lauren Eagleson '21
Lauren Eagleson '21 | The Catalyst Fund

“I’m extremely grateful. Donors should be proud that they help students attend this institution. I hope to be a donor who supports students someday.”

Sidney Webster '21
Sidney Webster '21 | The Debra L. Noyes Memorial Education Scholarship Fund

“Without your contribution, countless numbers of students wouldn’t be given the valuable, unique experience at Greenville offers. It’s an amazing place.”

Erick Garcia '20
Erick Garcia '20 | The Foundation for the Sciences

“Thank you for helping me pursue higher education and reach goals that my parents had always desired for me to reach.”

Peyton Bates ’24
Peyton Bates ’24 | The Full Salvation Union Endowed Scholarship for Christian Unity

“This fund gives students the opportunity to change the world.” Peyton Bates ’24, on The Greenville University Fund that fuels his scholarship.

Zavier Shaw ’23
Zavier Shaw ’23 | The Full Salvation Union Endowed Scholarship for Christian Unity

“I have met many people who have this scholarship whom I can see doing great things in this world.” 

Abishai Bokare ’23
Abishai Bokare ’23 | The James F. and Leona N. Andrews Endowed Chair for Christian Unity

“Scholarship money plays a huge role in me being here. Speaking for the entire international student community, we are all grateful to Greenville University for their support.”