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Generous gifts from alumni and friends impact the Greenville University community every day. Check out these stories to learn more.

Andrews Generous Endowment Establishes Chair In Christian Unity

A $1.3 million gift from the Full Salvation Union promotes studies of Christian Unity at Greenville University through the The James F. and Leona N. Andrews Endowed Chair for Christian Unity (John 17:21). The professor who holds the chair honors the legacy of the Andrews by coordinating a program of study that is interdenominational in effort and nonsectarian in spirit, and that leads to greater understanding and unity of spirit among all of God's children.

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Don and Kay Bastian

Donald N. Bastian Chair of Pastoral Theology and Christian Ministry

Greenville University received a substantial lead gift to provide continuity and future direction by endowing the Donald N. Bastian Chair of Pastoral Theology and Christian Ministry. The Bastian Chair is held by a seasoned minister who embraces an evangelical and orthodox Wesleyan theological orientation; leads students in preparation for active ministry; accepts the interdisciplinary mission of teaching all students, regardless of academic major, about Christian ministry; teaches cogently of the pastor’s love for Jesus Christ; and assists with raising funds for scholarships. 

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Your Gifts At Work For Students

Emily BrandlandEmily Brandland ’20 has her eye on a demanding career field: engineering. She needs the top notch curriculum found in G.U.’s Department of Engineering and Physics, which integrates various engineering disciplines and offers hands-on work with professional instrumentation from freshman year. G.U. also equips graduates with a sense of purpose and understanding that the divine engineer has uniquely shaped them. To access this competitive engineering preparation and spiritual mentoring, Emily relies on the help of donor-funded scholarships like the President’s Scholarship, the Wilson T. Hogue Award, the Greenville University Award and the Harry Tomaschke Endowed Scholarship. “I am thankful for scholarship donors because they have made coming to this college possible,” Emily says.


Johnny Milabu

Johnny Milabu ’19 grew up in a family of doctors, but wants to contribute to the medical industry in a different way: as a project manager working in computer science. He’ll support the technological infrastructure of today’s healthcare. He also wants to grow as a person. Greenville University provides Johnny with both the community and faith focus that he desires while he pursues his degree. Johnny recognizes he wouldn’t be at the University if not for the MOSAIC Diversity Scholarship, Foster McGaw Scholarship and Greenville University Scholarship. Although college is expensive, it’s a necessary investment—and Johnny thanks you for assisting him with that investment.

Dyman Dyman Sodsaikitch ’19 entered the criminal justice program at G.U. aiming for what he calls “the finish line” of his desires, a job as a county sheriff’s deputy proudly serving his home in Marion County, Illinois. As Dyman trained for this career path, G.U.’s faith integration gifted him with deeper insight into the heart of law enforcement: compassion for your fellow man. He recognizes that same compassion in the G.U. donors who give so others can realize their educational goals. Dyman is the grateful recipient of donor-funded scholarships including the G.U. Transfer Merit Scholarship and the Legacy Award. “I am thankful for the donors who support student scholarships, because I have learned that everyone is not the same," Dyman says. "We come from different backgrounds. Many people don’t have much and need help in order to have a fair shot at obtaining a higher education.”

 AbiAbi Hillrich ’18 plans to enrich future generations with her sharp mind and clever pen. She dreams of using her liberal arts education as the springboard to a writing career, a doctorate, and an eventual teaching position at a university. The wisdom, skills and faith development she honed at G.U. may benefit students and readers for decades to come. Support from generous donors makes Abi’s contribution to the world possible. She is the grateful recipient of the G.U. Campus Visit Award, the Legacy Award and the McAllaster Honors Scholarship. “I would not have been able to attend Greenville University without the student scholarships,” she says, or embrace “the incredible faith journey I’ve been through while attending Greenville University.”

Ivy LyonsIvy Lyons ’19 has tackled a triple major—commercial music, philosophy and political science—to prepare himself to impact the world. He anticipates a career in politics focused on social justice, and also wants to write and create music. Any of these endeavors requires a strong education, but like so many students, Ivy didn’t have the means to finance that education on his own. Fortunately, the Mosaic Scholarship, Campus Visit Award, Marching Band Award and the Clyde and Florence Page Endowed Scholarship help make four years at Greenville University attainable. Ivy is acutely aware of the number of students who feel cut off from their dreams due to financial obstacles. He is deeply grateful to donors who realize the criticality of their generosity to building students’ futures.

KaylaKayla Morton ’19 wanted a career in digital storytelling, possibly in television, movies or advertising. That required broad digital know-how. After shopping for colleges, only G.U.’s digital media program fit the bill. But money woes threatened to block the path to Kayla’s dream program. Thankfully, G.U. Financial Champions wrote a happy ending to her story with donor-supported scholarships like the Campus Visit Award, the Wilson T. Hogue Award, the President’s Scholarship, the Brenneman Memorial Scholarship and the Greenville University Award. “I am incredibly thankful for student scholarships because Greenville would not be an option for me without [them],” Kayla says.

Justin CrossAs a high school athlete, Justin Cross ’21 saw basketball players routinely model hostility. Imagine his surprise when his Panther teammates at G.U. modeled the opposite. Extending a hand to help a rival up. Alerting the court to a foul against the other team. Meeting a rude opponent with grace. Justin was inspired to treat others with respect no matter the situation. This posture of grace and humility sets the foundation for how G.U. athletes will treat others later in life as employees, citizens, spouses and parents. Multiply that by the number of athletes who have passed through G.U.’s athletics program, and you have a force of tremendous effect. Justin could not have attended G.U. without the generous support of donor-funded scholarships like the Greenville University Award, the Wilson T. Hogue Award, the Harold N. Cooley scholarship, the Recognition Award and the Hopkins/Cook/Harris/Coleman Scholarship. “I’m thankful that our donors support student scholarships, because without them, a lot of students would struggle,” Justin says.

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