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The Student Accounts Office is dedicated to providing the best customer service as you pay your bill, receive your refund check and ask questions about financing your education at Greenville University.

Greenville University partners with Tuition Management Systems to provide your Student Account Center.  You gain access by logging into my.Greenville through the link below. 


Current Students have access to their student account 24 hours/day online through their Student Account Center at my.Greenville. This online website will allow you to receive billing statements, view up-to-the-minute account activity, make payments, enroll in an optional semester payment plan and manage your tuition refund. 

20/21 Payment Deadlines:

  • Fall 2020: August 7, 2020

  • Spring/Interterm 2021: January 4, 2021

Payment Options

Students must have an approved payment plan in place prior to being allowed to complete the current term's registration. The payment options are listed below:

1. Payment in Full
Payment is due in FULL prior to the beginning of each semester. Students can pay their bill ONLINE by logging in their Student Account Center at my.Greenville and entering valid E-Check, or credit/debit card information. Greenville University accepts all major credit cards. There is NO fee for an "E-Check", but a processing fee will be added to every credit/debit transaction.

Greenville University also accepts cash, checks, and money orders by mail or in the office.

2. Monthly Payment Plan (TMS)
TMS is a monthly payment plan that spreads payments for the semester's charges over a 4-6 month period. Payments are due on either the 1st or the 15th of the month, June - Nov, AND Dec. - May. Student/Families can set up their payment plan through the Student Account Center by logging into my.Greenville. There is no interest charged on this plan. There is an enrollment fee each semester.

3. Federal Parent (PLUS) Loans or Private Alternative Loans
For more information regarding either of the loans above, visit the Financial Aid page.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Students who do not pay their account in full by each semester/term due date will not be able to register until their account is fully paid or they have set up a payment plan with TMS. Students with delinquent accounts will not be able to pre-register for subsequent terms, receive copies of their transcripts, or receive diplomas until the University receives full payment.

The University reserves the right to assign any past due accounts to a collection agency. Further, the students agrees to pay any and all costs, including collection, attorney, and litigation costs incurred by the University in efforts to collect, should the student default on their account. In case of bankruptcy by the students, the student waives all access to transcripts, and diploma(s) until all amounts are paid to the college.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Registration at Greenville University is considered a contract binding the student for the entire term.  Many commitments of the College are based upon the enrollment anticipated at the beginning of the term. 

Greenville University adheres to a fair and equitable refund policy consistent with regulations set forth by the State of Illinois and the U.S. Department of Education.  This policy applies to students who officially withdraw from the college.  Withdrawing from all classes requires a student to submit a completed Withdrawal form to the Student Development Office. Failure to do so will result in the student being responsible for applicable charges.  Refund of charges will be calculated according to the date the form is submitted. For more details, follow the Withdrawal and Refund Policy link located at the top/right of this page.

1098-T Tax Information

Greenville University is required to provide students with a 1098-T Tax document each calendar year. We have partnered with ECSI to provide this service. For more information on tax benefits, you should contact your tax professional.


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Fax: 618.664.7018

Office Location: Greenville Central (Lower Armington Center)

Other Information

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Gail Wall

Head Cashier/Collections Supervisor
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Melissa Cantrill

Director of Student Accounts Services
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