Institutional Assessment - Student Learning Outcomes Statements

Student Learning Outcomes Statements

Student learning outcomes statements clearly state the expected knowledge, skills, attitudes, competencies, and habits of mind that students are expected to acquire at an institution of higher education. Greenville University's institutional Student Learning Outcome statements provide overall direction to all units of the college for developing goals and outcomes.

Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes Statements 

1. Critical Self-Awareness - Recognize and develop personal strengths, subjecting individual ideas and expression to critical analysis and revision.

2. Knowledge and Skill - Employ truth-seeking measures through the use of critical inquiry, including appropriate and relevant research.

3. Collaboration and Cooperation Across Disciplines - Collaborate and cooperate effectively with others, based on open dialogue and mutual respect.

4. Communication - Communicate effectively, using written, oral, and creatively artistic methods.

5. Cultural and Aesthetic Values - Recognize the value of diverse cultures and their contributions. 

6. Character and Application of Christian Virtues - Articulate the integrating of Christian faith with living and learning. 

GU institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate Learning Outcomes Statements

1. Think critically to solve problems in their discipline.

2. Judge and address needs within the field, community, or organization.

3. Communicate effectively within the discipline and to the public they serve.

4. Demonstrate ways to serve the common good.

5. Articulate their personal identity and worldview, then apply how their graduate study and work relates to who they are.

6. Use professional practices and ethics in their discipline to prescribe appropriate behavior in different situations.

GU Graduate Learning Outcomes

Program objectives may be found at Assessment Plans.