Bastian School of Theology, Philosophy, and Ministry - Shapiro Chair

The Shapiro Chair of Jewish-Christian Studies

The Shapiro Chair of Jewish-Christian Studies at Greenville University seeks to guide students in understanding and appreciating the traditions and practices of Jewish faith communities.

In keeping with the tradition of experiential, hands-on learning, all students participate in class trips to synagogues and other religious sites. The University provides on-campus events that introduce the community to Judaism and to members of the Jewish faith tradition. In addition, the University has established the Samuel Sandmel Annual Lecture Series and offers numerous colloquia, film forums, and recognitions of High Holy Days in which students and members of the community can participate.  We also offer a minor in Jewish-Christian Studies.

Shapiro Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology Aubrey McClain says of the program, " I believe it is vital for us as Christians to learn about the origins of our faith in order to fully understand and value the rich heritage that has been entrusted to us. Positioning our story as a continuation of that which began with Israel and was carried forward by the Jewish people is critical for learning to read Scripture well and for understanding the Gospel. We can do that by studying the historical and cultural context of Israel, the theological developments of Judaism, and the ways in which the early church was both similar to and differentiated from this community. Additionally, learning to read Scripture through a Jewish lens can bring a dynamic new focus to our own theology, fostering the humility necessary to live out our faith in respectful relationship with our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

The endowment of the Shapiro Chair of Jewish-Christian studies is made possible by the Charles and M. R. Shapiro Foundation of Chicago.

Greenville University continues to seek financial support to fully fund this programming. Your gift today helps support strong spiritual education now and into the future. Thank you for partnering with us in this Christ-centered endeavor.