Life at GU - Strategic Plan

A five-year strategic plan, Value Driven, Mission Focused, serves as a roadmap for Greenville University’s current work. Adopted in 2018, it draws inspiration from the truth that we know nothing properly until we know it in relation to Jesus Christ.


The plan guides us to extend our heritage and expand our reach. It flows from seven enduring values that our graduates will ultimately carry into the world:


  • A Christ-centered Wesleyan perspective
  • Integrated learning
  • Innovation
  • Character
  • Thriving
  • Service
  • Community


We aim to translate these values into actions that (1) cultivate innovation and agility, (2) strengthen community engagement, and (3) focus on the future.




To cultivate innovation and agility, we will:

  • Develop (1) an integrated enrollment management strategy, (2) compelling academic programs, and (3) services that help students thrive.
  • Build relationships that extend learning opportunities to college-bound high school and home-schooled students.
  • Expand dual credit opportunities and certificate programs.
  • Expand experiential learning opportunities and community collaborations, including collaboration with city and regional entities through the Greenville SMART Center in downtown Greenville.


To strengthen community, we will:

  • Engage all employees in strategies that help students thrive.
  • Implement strategies that fuel a positive workplace.
  • Strengthen our internal service culture.
  • Strengthen our abilities to respectfully engage with each other about complex issues, purposeful work, and faith.
  • Develop a comprehensive diversity plan.
  • Develop strategic partnerships that help us reach international students.


To focus on the future, we will:

  • Enrich spiritual development for members of our campus community.
  • Develop programming that nurtures tomorrow’s thought leaders and problem solvers.
  • Leverage robust, integrated assessment policies and practices to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.