Student Activities - Greenville Student Government Association (GSGA)

Greenville Student Government Association (GSGA) serves as the liaison between the students and the faculty and administration of Greenville University. We serve the student body by providing many character building and service oriented activities.

The Executive Cabinet, made up of 8 students, governs the Student Association. Of the eight members of Executive Cabinet, two, the Student Association President and Executive Vice President, are elected by the student body. A selection panel made up of student leaders and faculty advisors chooses the other six, Vice President of Campus Activities, Vice President of International Affairs Board, Vice President of Student Outreach, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Community Relations and Executive Secretary.

Students can also get involved by participating in the Campus Activities Board, or CAB, planning quality entertainment for members of the College Community. Also, Greenville Student Outreach, or GSO, provides a variety of student-run ministry opportunities for the College Community.

Each of the four classes, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior, has a group of class officers elected by their class to serve them for that year. The President and Vice President of each class serve on the Inter-Class Council, chaired by the Executive Vice President, which seeks to create class unity through Class Competitions and Service Projects.

Also, the President and Senator of each class serve on the Student Senate along with 18 other students elected by the student body. Student Senate, chaired by the Executive Vice President, deals with the concerns of the student body at large. Members of Senate have the opportunity to serve on Faculty Committees, voice the concerns of the students, and learn more about the workings of the college.


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