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What was once a course for students is now a club! Students create a community around their love of the stars.

The Astronomy Club, founded in 2022, is an organization for students who desire to learn more about the universe we live in. The Astronomy Club's mission is to

  • Offer both educational, interactive, and engaging activities, events, and meetings to students
  • Give basic and detailed information about astronomy (lessons, activities, etc)
  • Give students a chance to explore what's in space using the University's Observatory

Topics we will discuss

  • What is in our solar system
  • Information on the planets, sun, moon, stars, nebulas, Milkyway, black holes, etc
  • Constellations and how to use them to navigate
  • Moon Phases
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • Meteor Showers, and much more!

Club meetings 

The majority of sessions will take place in a variety of locations, including:

  • In a classroom for book and class learning
  • Out at the Winslow Observatory for use of the telescopes and other materials
  • For finding the location simply look up Google Maps “Greenville University Ayers Field Station”. It is roughly 10 minutes away from the university
  •  And future trips to come

The Astronomy Club at Greenville University exists to broaden students' minds and stimulate their curiosity about space in an educational, engaging, and stimulating environment.

This allows students to not only expand their knowledge of our galaxy and all it has to offer, but also to interact with one another and become involved on campus.

The Astronomy Club teaches students about the scientific structure of space, space knowledge, navigation skills, critical thinking, potential career opportunities, and much more. This club is open to all students and faculty who want to discover and learn about our galaxy.

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Contact Us:

Eric Nord

[email protected]