Student Activities - Table Tennis

Greenville University Table Tennis Team was founded in 2018 by Mark Islas (President), and Sam Alender (Vice President). This club was created because people recognized that several students on campus loved playing ping pong casually, wanted to get better, and possibly even play some good competition. During the last two years, the club has created an environment where those wanting to improve their skill can play and learn from one another, ultimately earning themselves a spot on the traveling team. The team is part of the NCTTA (National Collegiate Table Tennis Organization) and travels once in the Fall and Spring. Depending on their performance in the two events, they could proceed to the Midwest Tournament, and so on, with the goal being the National Tournament. 


The traveling team has openings for 8-9 spots, those spots being 4-5 on each the Varsity and JV. At the end of the day however we just want to spread the love of table tennis across campus, encourage more students to play, and simply offer another way for students both new and returning to have community with one another. You do not have to be on the traveling team to be part of the club, all you have to do is want to play with your fellow students! We are open for anybody to join!