Student Activities - Digital Signage Guidelines

To submit a slide for consideration on the digital signage, please use our Digital Signage Submission Form. If you have any questions regarding Digital Signage guidelines you may contact Student Development. Please allow up to 48 hours for the Digital Sign to be posted.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the mounted displays seen around campus. The Digital Signage also displays campus and world news, athletic events, dining common menus, and upcoming and trending events.

Who can advertise?

  • Students for campus events and announcements

  • Approved Campus Organizations for campus events and announcements

  • Faculty for campus events for campus events and announcements

  • Staff for campus events for campus events and announcements

  • Community events highlighting student involvement

What can I advertise?

  • Upcoming campus events

  • Fundraisers for approved campus organizations

  • Job postings

  • Approved group events

  • Approved club events

  • Service opportunities that those on GC campus might find interesting.

  • Classified and personal notices, External advertising, and Private events will not be posted


Bulletin Boards, Today at GC,  and the Digital Signage content are maintained Student Development. All content submitted for posting to any and all of these vehicles must demonstrate an appropriate affiliation with Greenville College. Personal notices, external advertising, and private events will not be posted

  • Digital Signage submissions will be posted to the boards on a first come, first served basis.

  • Events will typically be posted no more than two (2) weeks prior to the event date.

  • All announcements submitted for inclusion on the Digital Signage are subject to approval based on technical specifications and appropriate content

  • The Digital Signages run on a set schedule; all content will be rotated equally. Student Development reserves the right to alter this rotation for critical messages chosen at the discretion of the department.

  • Student Development  reserves the right to remove any and all content without prior notice.

  • Student Development  reserves the right to hold Digital signage space for certain event notices.

  • Student Development reserves the right to edit the content of the slide for length or clarity

What are the slide requirements?

We welcome pre-designed slide submissions. Please ensure they are configured to the specifications outlined below to avoid revisions and to ensure they display properly.

  • Slides must be submitted as JPEG  or PNG images .

  • If you are using a Mac computer, please make sure there is an attachment and that the file is not embedded in the email.

  • The Digital Signage system displays horizontally, not vertically; pre-designed files must be sized to a width of 1920 pixels and a height of 1080 pixels, for HD viewing use this powerpoint template for easy set up.

  • Text should be kept to a minimum and should include a (shortened) url or a contact person for more information. All fonts should be readable from a distance of at least 20 feet – a 40 pt font is a good standard. Keeping the number of characters to a minimum is important (think twitter status)

  • A Slide can be an image, text with an image background, or video with a text description.

  • The digital signage screens on campus are landscape. Please submit landscape oriented content only. Landscape oriented content is horizontal.

Information Requirements

Slide must contain Events Name, Location, Date, and time of event and contact information. If the slide is an image, the image must contain these items. If the slide is a video, these items will appear as text beside the video in the slide.

Image Requirements

Image must be png or jpg format, and sized to 1920 px by 1080 px for HD viewing. You can use photoshop to resize this image, or use this powerpoint template for easy set up.

Video Requirements

You may submit advertisements for your event.

Videos must be:

  • Uploaded to youtube

  • 15-30 seconds in length

Videos must not:

  • Contain anything offending or against the Greenville College lifestyle statement

  • Promote a political or religious agenda

  • Have monetization turned on (no ads).

How long will my slide be posted?

Your slide will be posted for a maximum of two weeks. If your slide is advertising an event, it will be scheduled to be removed after the event has taken place. If you are submitting a slide advertising an event more than two weeks prior to the event, please let us know the date on which the slide needs to be posted.

For recurring events, your slide can be scheduled to appear for a specific day throughout the semester (e.g. Vespers would show on Wednesday and Thursday)

Display Time:

Generally the message should appear for as long as it takes to read and absorb the message. Messages should be designed to be read and absorbed between 5-15 seconds. Of course this will vary depending on the amount of text and number of elements. Get feedback from your audience.

Can I submit more than one slide?

Only one slide per event can be posted at one time. If an advertisement for an event has met its two week time period, a second newly designed slide may be posted.

Emergency Notifications

In the case of an emergency, the digital signs will be updated to only display info related to the emergency. Once the emergency situations has been lifted, the Digital Signs will resume the displaying of scheduled slides.