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Calling: God's Gift of Mentors

Emily Callon '15


For some, God's call comes through unmistakable means: They hear an audible voice or receive a distinct sign. For others, “call” unfolds over time through gentle coaxing and coaching from interested and engaged others. For Emily Callon ’15 (pictured below with President Filby), God spoke through mentors who made themselves available to her. Here’s her story.

The Gift of Mentors Who Support and Challenge

My call from God has come from other people in my life. The mentorship that I found at Greenville College from Dustin Fenton, Tim Caldwell, Ross Baker, and Norm Hall guided me to pursue a vocational journey toward higher education.

I first got involved with the Greenville College Student Association my junior year at GC, where I met Dustin and Norm. They have both been pivotal in their exemplary leadership, supporting and challenging those they come in contact with, including me.

Mentors Who Emulate Christ

But more importantly, they displayed Christ in their leadership abilities. In Scriptures, we see Jesus leading disciples and masses of people in ways that demonstrate individuality, empathy, encouragement, and advocacy for the marginalized. I'm grateful to have been mentored by people who not only emulated these characteristics, but also pointed to Christ as their example, as well.

And Mentors Who Call Out TalentEmily Callon

My call to higher education really came my senior year at Greenville when I began to know Tim Caldwell, at the time, the director of residence life. He saw potential in me and strengths in mentorship, advocacy, and leadership. He would encourage me, allow me to reflect and process, and empower me to think critically beyond my current context or situation. Through people like Tim, I was not only able to hear my calling, but was able to discern and embrace it, as well.

Now that I am currently working toward my master of arts in higher education and strategic leadership, I have found mentorship through Ross Baker, the current director of residence life at Greenville College. He challenges me to analyze the horizon of higher education in a deeper and more meaningful way—a way that joins calling and vocation in an enriching process. I am grateful for these mentors in my life.

What I’ve Learned About Calling: Three (Not So Easy) Steps

Finding your calling is an incredibly vulnerable process.

  1. You must strip yourself down to the core of who you are and admit to God and yourself where your strengths, weaknesses, and deepest passion lay.
  2. You must be willing to share this truth with those who can speak into your life and encourage you, taking your vulnerability and helping you to apply yourself in new ways.
  3. But most importantly, you must find those who constantly root you in Christ and knowing that regardless of "calling" (career, job, place, etc.), that Christ is the foundation to it all, and that without Him, calling is simply something you do, and not something that you live for.


GC Vision: We inspire our students to embrace God's call. Go here to tell us your story about embracing God's call.

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This story was published on October 30, 2016

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