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Cool Head Prevails

Cool Head Prevails

When an unexpected challenge flashes before him on a ski run, sophomore Nathan Hood surveys the terrain, skillfully adjusts his response and attacks the slope. The Montana native’s proven ability to also smoothly adapt off the slopes bodes well for Greenville College this fall. That is when Hood, GC’s newly elected student association president, will attend to the challenges of overseeing a myriad of student activities.


“Nathan is quick to smile one of those broad, twinkly-eyed, warm smiles that immediately disarms you,” observed Professor Richard Huston after Hood joined his Interterm class in Israel last year. “Nathan’s quiet and unassuming manner masks a confident competence that makes him willing to tackle difficult challenges with a nod of the head and a shrug of the shoulder.”


As a case in point, at the conclusion of the trip, Hood asked if he might fly directly to his Great Falls home rather than accompany his classmates to St. Louis. “When I said this was only possible if he was willing to fly by himself through several European airports,” recalls Huston, “Nathan nodded, shrugged and simply said, ‘okay.’”


Hood’s positive attitude and full engagement in student outreach activities as a freshman struck Andie (Kincaid ’12) Rea as more than memorable. “Nathan always has a positive attitude and is eager to find opportunities to serve others. I really see Christ in him in this way.”


A business management major, Hood will have plenty of opportunities this fall to exercise his calm confidence overseeing seven vice presidents that comprise the student association executive team. He will also manage a budget and serve as liaison between the students and college officials like trustees and administrators. Still, the full plate doesn’t daunt him.


“When I need something to clear my mind and put me at peace, I turn to the book of Ecclesiastes,” he says. “If we are not living to serve God, everything we do on this earth is ‘meaningless chasing after the wind.’ Ecclesiastes helps me to focus on living a life of meaning.”


Hood is a fourth-generation GC student, the son of Jerry ’82 and Debbie (Kerestly ’83) Hood.


This story was published on May 15, 2013