News - Meet Karl Hatton: Greenville College's New Dean of Admissions

Meet Karl Hatton: Greenville College's New Dean of Admissions

By Kaylee Summers '16

Karl Hatton 2015 “At large universities you may get lost in the crowds, but here you are found.”

These are the words of Greenville College’s new Dean of Admissions Mr. Karl Hatton referring to his new life at Greenville College. Hatton loves his four children ages 17, 15, 11 and 8, his wife of 18 years and building the Kingdom of God. Whether it be from behind the pulpit or in an academic office, Hatton is a reminder to pursue the opportunities God places before you and to walk through the open doors with gusto knowing the greatest place to be is in the center of God’s will.

Hatton knew he loved people and Jesus Christ and so he answered the call to work for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes while also serving as the interim pastor for a small country church in Kentucky. For a time, he wanted to be a senior pastor until it seemed the door had been shut. However, Hatton trusted the Lord and continued to serve; knowing God wasn’t finished with him yet. Hatton is a man of prayer, praying with his wife in every situation, first together and then separately. The couple prayed until a door opened to be an admissions recruiter in an adult program at Mid-Continent University.  Hatton took the job and remarked, “Admissions Counselor took on a whole new meaning after this job.” It became evident that working in admissions was everything he wanted in serving as a pastor in a church. Admissions offered a chance to mentor and hear the stories of all the adults going through the program at Mid-Continent University.

Hatton became intertwined in the lives of men in women on their pursuits to better themselves and pursue education. He met a man ashamed of his past and worried about whether or not he would receive financial aid and counseled him. He stood next to him at graduation and shook his hand, looking him in the eyes knowing the Lord had not only been faithful to this man but also faithful in his own life confirming his calling to minister to the body of Christ.

In the same way, he told this man to pursue whatever opportunity the Lord presents, Hatton obeyed the Lords calling to come to Greenville College and become the Dean of Admissions. Through a connection with Dr. Michael Ritter, he knew about the opening for the Dean of Admissions job. From here, Hatton said, “The process happened fast, but it was good and exciting.”  

On the way to the final meeting, before Hatton accepted the job, he said to his wife, “I am not going to take the position; I just want to see what they are offering.” However, after the opportunity presented itself, the peace of God was so evident he had to take the job. “If God has put something in front of me and revealed himself in the opportunity then my job is to be observant, open to the opportunity and ready to trust God and walk through the open door.”

The new Dean of Admissions plans on staying at Greenville for the long-haul and he already envisions his youngest eight-year-old daughter becoming a Greenville Panther one day. Hatton comically remarked, “She is only in 2nd Grade now, so I’d say that gives me at least 12 years.”

Hatton said, “I love that people at GC seem to recognize the calling in their lives more than just the vocation. You see, here it is not just about teaching, it’s about having a calling to teach. In the same way, it’s not just about being the Dean of Admissions.  Instead, it is being called to be the dean.” The job is more than a numbers game, trying to fight with the budget to gain as many students as possible to make more money. A job in admissions offers the chance to “paint a picture of what life could look like for prospective students.” Hatton is not only in charge of the administrative side of admissions, overseeing the process and making sure Greenville College effectively reaches out, he has the opportunity to shake the hands and learn the names of prospective students. 

Ready to work hard and put in a “God-sized effort”, Hatton knows if he is faithful in his ministry to connect students to Greenville College then God will reward those efforts.  Hatton is ready to get out of the office and engage the campus. As students from high schools across the nation start to make the transition from the comfort of home to the uncertainty of finding a college, who better to help direct them than a man who is willing to leave everything to follow the Lord’s calling to small a Christian college. During his time working as the Dean of Admissions at MacMurray College, enrollment increased by 15 percent and Hatton knows “God is ready to bless the socks off of Greenville College.”     

This story was published on December 09, 2015

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