News - Love the impossibly lovable? Popular curriculum features Wayman article on timely topic

Love the impossibly lovable? Popular curriculum features Wayman article on timely topic

By Carla Morris


Yes, God loves all people, and yes, we should bless those who persecute us. Yes, we know we should pray for our enemies and be kind. But sometimes in our secret thoughts we imagine this can’t possibly mean loving that one particular adversary who gets our blood boiling. You know—that one who’s impossible to love, who poisons our thoughts in an instant . . . that one who comes to mind right now.

The spring 2021 issue of Illustrated Bible Life features an article by professor of theology at Greenville University Ben Wayman, who helps readers understand this difficult command.

What You Don't Want to Miss

Why love one who doesn’t deserve it? Because truly loving our enemies “reveals the nature of God’s love perhaps better than any other teaching,” says Wayman. Failing to love our enemies means failing to experience this revelation, something we don’t want to miss.

IBLSpring2021-web.pngThe Illustrated Bible Life series draws from collaborative work of various scholars from the Wesleyan perspective—The Salvation Army, Wesleyans, Evangelical Friends, Methodists, Nazarenes, and others. Its spring 2021 issue focuses on what the city of Rome would have been like in Paul’s day. Wayman’s piece describes how early Christians read Romans 12, which includes the challenge to not repay evil with evil.

Challenging Times

Wayman, the James F. and Leona N. Andrews Chair in Christian Unity in the Bastian School of Theology, Philosophy, and Ministry, does not shy away from writing about difficult challenges. Last year, he authored two articles for Christianity Today that addressed the complexities of evolving theological education.

One, “Justo González: Seminaries Need More Latinos,” discusses crises that have descended upon seminaries.

Another, Rowan Williams: Theological Education Is for Everyone, touches on educating pastors who are often fairly new Christians themselves, and who engage in full-time “frontline” pastoral work as they simultaneously pursue seminary education.

Wayman is a frequent contributor to Illustrated Bible Life.

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This story was published on January 15, 2021

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