Equine Sciences Minor

Equine Sciences Minor

A minor in Equine Sciences includes courses that help to prepare students for careers in veterinary medicine, animal training, working with breeders or other careers related to the health and care of large animals.

As part of the initial horsemanship courses, you will learn the fundamentals of handling, caring for, and riding horses, while later courses teach advanced students how to instruct others. Additional courses in animal science, anatomy and physiology, and diseases will provide students with a solid scientific foundation for veterinary school, other advanced biological science degrees, or other careers in the horse industry.

The Equine Sciences minor complements a major in biology, secondary education with a biology concentration, exercise science, agribusiness, and other fields.

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Gain experience that will help you prepare to work with breeders and care for large animals. You'll have access to miles of amazing trails and work with various horses owned by the university.


Learn from experienced staff with over 20+ years of experience in horse training and instructing. Program director, Elizabeth Bays, is certified in natural horsemanship training, riding instruction, clinics & personal coaching.


You will participate in equestrian-related service opportunities around Greenville and other communities. 

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Equine Sciences Minor Course Requirements

Visit the Online Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.