Music Education Minor

Music Education Minor

Students pursuing a degree in education have the opportunity to add a minor in music education. The minor comprises three different tracks: 

  • Instrumental
  • Vocal
  • Keyboard

Each track prepares students to take the Illinois Licensure Test to be certified to teach K-12 grade music for the State of Illinois. 

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Methods Courses
One-on-one methods courses help insure students are proficient on all instruments they will teach
Certified to Teach

Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to become certified in the State of Illinois, to teach two different subjects at the K-12 grade level.

Improve your skills

With three separate tracks, students have the opportunity to hone their skills within their area of study. 

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You won’t just learn…YOU’LL DO! Hands-on, industry experience and 24/7 studio access starts when you arrive on campus! Perform, write, engineer, record, design, as a team and then show your work in multiple performance spaces. Visit Music City! GU is partnered with the Contemporary Music Center - Nashville for immersive industry experiences.


Student work. See what GU’s MIS students are working on right now. Click here for videos and original songs.


Designed with teachers in mind. NEW online summer course schedules occur when you are out of the classroom and before you go back in. 


Deepen your education. We’re a liberal arts school. That means you get a holistic education that introduces you to many subjects and ideas, helping you grow your interests and skills. 

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Music Education Minor Course Requirements

Students pursuing a minor in music education are required to complete 18 credit hours. 

Music education students are required to complete 12 credits of common courses.

MUTH110 Commercial Theory I (3 credits)
MUTH305 Commercial Theory II (3 credits)
MUTH306 Commercial Theory III (2 credits
MUAP110 Commercial Keyboarding I (1 credit)
MUAO115 Commercial Keyboarding II (1 credit)
MUSG221 Elementary Conducting (2 credits)
MUSG100 Recital Class (0 credit, required 4 semesters or 3 if classes complete)

Instrumental Track 

MUEN145 Band (2 credits)
MUEN345 Band (2credits)

Choose two of the three that are not in the same instrument family as primary instrument: 

MUAP111B Applied Brass (1 credit)
MUAP111W Applied Woodwind (1 credit)
MUAP111P Applied Percussion (1 credit)

Vocal Track

MUAP111V Applied Voice (1 credit)
MUAP211V Applied Voice (1 credit)

Choose four credits of the following vocal ensemble classes, ensembles may be repeated:

MUEN141 Greenville University Choir (1 credit)
MUEN341 Greenville University Choir (1 credit) 
MUEN1500 Gospel Choir (0.5 credit)
MUEN350 Gospel Choir (0.5 credit)

Keyboard Track

MUEN143 Fusion Ensemble (2 credits)
MUEN343 Fusion Ensemble (2 credits)
MUAP111K Applied Keyboard (1 credit)
MUAP211K Applied Keyboard (1 credit)

Visit the Online Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.