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GU has lots of clubs for you to get involved in!



    Mission: The All Nations Club serves to represent an inclusive group of people from all nations of the world to facilitate lives of character and service among GU students, faculty, staff, and community, to aid in global unity, understanding, and multi-cultural diversity through on and off campus events. 

    Meetings & Events: The All Nations Club is an event group where international students and domestic students come together to meet twice a month to plan campus events such as bonfire nights, karaoke nights, movie nights and much more to come together to share in diverse cultures, through dialogue and fun experiences. Leader elections for president, vice president, event planners, and funds specialists' take place on a yearly basis via student emails at the beginning of the Spring semesters. 

    Stay in touch with campus events by following us on social media 

    Instagram: gu_international  Facebook: International Students at GU.

    Contact Sadie Pinnell


    Astronomy Club

    What was once a course for students is now a club! Students create a community around their love of the stars.

    The Astronomy Club, founded in 2022, is an organization for students who desire to learn more about the universe we live in. The Astronomy Club's mission is to

    • Offer both educational, interactive, and engaging activities, events, and meetings to students
    • Give basic and detailed information about astronomy (lessons, activities, etc)
    • Give students a chance to explore what's in space using the University's Observatory

    Topics we will discuss

    • What is in our solar system
    • Information on the planets, sun, moon, stars, nebulas, Milkyway, black holes, etc
    • Constellations and how to use them to navigate
    • Moon Phases
    • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
    • Meteor Showers, and much more!

    Club meetings 

    The majority of sessions will take place in a variety of locations, including:

    • In a classroom for book and class learning
    • Out at the Winslow Observatory for use of the telescopes and other materials
    • For finding the location simply look up Google Maps “Greenville University Ayers Field Station”. It is roughly 10 minutes away from the university
    •  And future trips to come


    The Astronomy Club at Greenville University exists to broaden students' minds and stimulate their curiosity about space in an educational, engaging, and stimulating environment.

    This allows students to not only expand their knowledge of our galaxy and all it has to offer, but also to interact with one another and become involved on campus.

    The Astronomy Club teaches students about the scientific structure of space, space knowledge, navigation skills, critical thinking, potential career opportunities, and much more. This club is open to all students and faculty who want to discover and learn about our galaxy.

    Follow us on Instagram! @gu_astronomyclub

    Contact Eric Nord


    Bass Fishing 

    GU has a competitive and winning fishing team! Our team has two boats that move 50-60 mph to their destination. Typically, 250 boats show up at tournaments and we compete against many other big-name schools. If you want to keep fishing in college, talk to admissions about becoming a member of the bass fishing team. Participation scholarships available. 

    Contact David Bartlett


    Cheer & Dance

    The mission of the Greenville University Spirit Program is to glorify God through the gifts and talents He has given us by leading and bringing school spirit to athletic and other campus and community events. All participants are ambassadors of Greenville University on campus, in the community, and in other areas. 

    The Greenville University Panther Cheerleading Program is a coed team comprised of approximately 30 athletes. We cheer at all home football and men’s basketball games and occasionally at women’s basketball games.

    We are also a competitive cheer program. We are CCA Christian Cheer Nationals & Collegiate Championship titleholders in the Coed Division and GRAND COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS for the 2017 and 2018 years. For several years, we were previously ranked top 5 in the nation at USA Collegiate Championships. Most recently, we earned 3rd place in the Open Game Day Division at NCA Nationals in Daytona in 2022 and placed 6th in Open Game Day at NCA Nationals in 2023.

    The Greenville University Pantherettes Dance Team is also a coed team comprised of 8-20 athletes. The Pantherettes dance at all home football and men’s basketball games. They also occasionally dance at the Women’s Basketball home and other campus events. The Dance Team adds a dynamic effect to the gameday and campus/community environment and is competitive as well. The team holds regional titles (1st place in the Open Jazz Division with ACP) and a top 10 in the national dance team with USA Collegiate Championships. Recently, the dancers competed with the mascot, cheerleaders, and band at NCA/NDA College Nationals in the Open Game day Division and placed 6th in 2023. As club sports at Greenville, we recruit our athletes similarly to the NCAA-regulated sports. Recruited athletes can receive a Spirit Scholarship (based on skill, ability, need, and availability). Being recruited and signing a formal Letter of Commitment to GU guarantees a position on the roster! 

    Contact Stephanie Brant


    Criminal Justice Club

    Criminal Justice Club is a service and community organization to call Criminal Justice and related majors.  The purpose of the club is to provide fellowship with other students and seek out service opportunities.

    Contact Shawn Foles    


    Equestrian Club

    The equestrian club is for experienced horse enthusiasts who want to be a part of a Christ-like community, grow in horsemanship skills and riding abilities. Members will participate in clinics to learn how to conduct riding lessons and will receive preliminary exposure to using horses for therapy and emotional healing.

    Interested students can apply now for a $21,500 annual and renewable equestrian character and service scholarship.

    Contact Elizabeth Bays


    esports club

    Esports Club aims to provide community and engage with students through video games and tournament events. We aim to deliver 3 events each semester. Games you can expect to see at tournaments or events are Super Smash, NBA 2k, Fifa, Fortnite, and Minecraft. 

    Tune into our Twitch and stream with us!


    Students interested in joining Esports, or looking for more information about the club, contact Josiah Shuffett, Director of Esports and Head Esports Coach. Outside of GU, Josiah coaches a Tier 3 semi professional Valorant team called Double Down. He has been coaching various Tier 3 teams for 4-5 years. See contact details below:

    Contact Josiah Shuffett


    Gym Rats Association

    Founded in 2022, Gym Rats Association is a student-led organization ready to help you with your health goals. Are you the one who needs some real encouragement and instructions to stay strong and healthy?

    If this sounds like you, the Gym Rats Association is the perfect missing piece for your health puzzle. This club is filled with people just like you, who want to exercise and have fun, but do it efficiently! You don’t have to be an athlete to join this club. Let’s go out there and find gym buddies that will work together with you to achieve your goals! 

    Contact Ethan Green


    Interfaith Club

    Founded in 2020, the Interfaith Club is designed to provide people on Greenville’s campus with educational opportunities to learn about different faiths.  

    Interfaith Club strives to create a safe space for students outside of the academic realm to learn about diverse worldviews, think critically about complex issues, develop skills for interfaith dialogue, and clarify their own faith identity. We believe that experiences like these enrich the Greenville University community by promoting a mature and thoughtful faith that can engage the world with respect and love.

    Interfaith is a sanctioned club, approved by Student Senate, that meets each week for food, fellowship, and dialogue. It is open to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni. These meetings are a source of educational content as well as an opportunity to connect with and learn from local religious leaders. The Interfaith Club also hosts a weekly small group for students to discuss a variety of topics related to theology, spirituality, and worldview. The Interfaith Club has hosted a wide variety of programming, with our most popular event honoring the Jewish holiday of Purim in collaboration with Vespers and the Jewish Christian Studies Program. 

    Interfaith Club offers several experiential leadership opportunities through the positions of Chaplin, Education Coordinator, and Marketing Coordinator. This team hosts our weekly meetings and organizes all programming. Members can apply for any of these positions when they become vacant. Leadership positions are hired by the previous leadership team and the club advisor.  

    Interfaith Club works closely with the Shapiro Jewish Christian Studies Program (SJCS) as the program does similar work on GU's campus. The Shapiro Jewish Christian Studies Program "...seeks to promote respectful Christian engagement with the Jewish community by teaching students about Judaism and Christianity’s interconnected past, present, and future and preparing them to relate empathetically and productively in a globalized world, combatting hate and Christian anti-Semitism."

    Contact Johnny Hinton


    Joyous Chaos

    The student-run Improv team of Greenville University has been getting their groove on and bringing laughter to the campus since late September 2008. In the monthly shows that the team performs each year, they hope to honor God through fun nights of improvisational comedy. A lot of their jokes may be centered around the Greenville's cat infestation, President Ivan Filby, or the DC's menu, but their arsenal of comedy is unlimited and relevant.

    Contact Johnny Hinton


    Outdoor Adventure

    Founded in 2021, Outdoor Adventure (OA) is a club that takes students on adventure trips locally and all over the country.  OA’s mission is to:

    • Experience the beauty of the outdoors through adventure trips
    • Foster spiritual growth through weekly small group meetings
    • Promote environmental service through monthly outdoor service projects

    In the past year OA went:

    • White water rafting
    • Zip lining
    • Hiking
    • Camping
    • Horseback riding
    • Rock climbing
    • Kayaking
    • Cave exploring
    • Cliff jumping
    • Canoeing

    At the start of summer 2022, our group traveled to Arizona and Utah for a week-long trip visiting several national parks and white water rafting on the Colorado River. Check out the summer trip video below!


    Students interested in joining OA, or looking for more information about the club, contact OA Director. Details below:

    Contact Stephen Groves


    Social Work Club

    The social work club serves as a club for all students to come together to assess some of the needs within our community on campus. It helps bring awareness to how students can best serve and support one another. It is led by social work majors but is open to any students who want to be involved. Throughout this club, students are able to learn more about the social work field.

    Contact Helo Oidjarv  Contact Nicki Schoonover


    Ultimate Frisbee

    The Greenville University Ultimate Frisbee League (GUFL) has been making touchdowns since the Fall of 2019. The GUFL plays 3 to 4 games every Sunday at 2pm in rain, shine, and even in snow! There is a fall season and a spring season, both of which conclude with their own playoffs and GUFL champion. 

    The fun, friendly, semi-competitive club is not associated with GU’s Intramural sports, so there is no sign-up to join. There is also no commitment to attend every game day. Players can come for one weekend and never come back, or only come to the first game and return for playoffs, or show up to all of the games. Additionally, skill level is completely irrelevant. Whether a player is a pro or beginner— Anyone is welcome to participate or watch at any time!

    President Wyatt Boyer and Vice President/Faculty Advisor CJ Falls III will happily accept you into the GUFL with a free t-shirt! Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@the_gufl) and join us on our Facebook group!

    Contact Wyatt Boyer


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