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Policies & Procedures

Room Decorating

Your room isn’t just where you sleep, this is your home for your time at GU, and we want you to make it your own! Personalize your room to make it feel like home. Talk to your roommate(s) about their ideas and preferences for how to make the room a comfortable and welcoming place for all of you, within the limits detailed below.



Most rooms have tile or laminate wood flooring. You may want to bring your own area rugs or carpet.



Window blinds are provided in all residence halls. Students can provide their own on the condition that the original curtains/blinds are back in place at the end of the year. If hanging your own curtains/blinds, please use existing hardware or tension rods. Do not install your own hardware.



Twin XL (long twin) sheets will fit on the mattresses in all rooms in the residence halls. Greenville University does not provide linen service.



The rooms are painted on a regular basis (white), so it is not necessary or permissible to paint your room.


Open Flame Items

Possession or use of candles, oil lamps, candle warmers, incense, or any open flame objects, are not permitted in the residence halls. If you are looking to get your room smelling nice, we recommend fragrance plugs with scent refills.



Bring things to hang on the wall such as pictures of family, friends, and personal mementos. These items will help you feel more at home, but make sure that these items are hung with sticky tack (the blue kind works best) or painter's tape. Scotch tape, foam tape, duct tape or nails will cause damage to the room and you will be fined for damages. Because of the fire risk, do not hang anything on or from the ceiling.



Lofts raise the bed off of the floor to provide better use of the space below the bed. Loft furniture is provided in all residence halls. Constructing your own loft is not permitted.


Storage Space

All rooms contain a closet or a wardrobe, and some rooms have additional built-in storage. The University does not provide any additional storage space for students use. To stretch closet space, try hanging shoe holders and multiple hangers that hold several items vertically. Stuff bulky sweatshirts and sweaters into under-bed storage boxes.



The furniture you will need is provided--bed (including pieces that will allow you to loft your bed), desk, chair, and dresser. We do not have the storage space available for you to remove any furniture from your room, so keep this in mind if you plan on bringing additional furniture.


Electrical Appliances

You may bring your own electronics, including clock, lamp, fan, hair dryer, curling iron, stereo, game system, refrigerator (no larger than 4 cu. ft.), television, microwave, and computer.

To avoid power failure, overloaded circuits, or fire, please do not bring hot plates, broilers, toasters, candle warmers, space heaters, deep fryers, lava lamps, or room air conditioners. If you have more than two items to plug in any single wall receptacle, we require a fused, UL Approved power strip, and for fire prevention reasons, we ask that you use only heavy-duty UL Approved “orange” extension cords.

If you have questions about whether you can bring an item, email your Resident Director for approval before you come to campus. If you bring it to campus, your RD may decide to have you take it home or he/she may confiscate it until you can.



Fish, no larger than a human fist, in aquariums not exceeding 30 gallons are permitted. All other pets are prohibited unless approved by the Director of Housing to be Emotional Support/Service Animal. Please email your Resident Director to inquire about the process of approval.



All traditional housing facilities have laundry machines that are free to use for traditional students. House and apartment residents are allowed access to various machines across campus, depending on location. You do not have to utilize them, but if you so choose, contact your RD at the beginning of the year.


Vacation Closings

All Residence Halls & Houses will close during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. Students wishing to stay on campus during these times must complete an Access Request Form through the Housing Coordinator. 

Email correspondence regarding vacation closings will be sent out by the Office of Residence Life before each break. Students without prior approval will not be permitted to stay on campus during these times. For vacation closing days and times, check the calendar here:

View the calendar

Residence Halls close at 10 pm on the Friday prior to vacations/breaks and reopen at 8 am on the Sunday before classes begin.

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